[Contest] Cyberlink PhotoDirector 4 [Forum Exclusive]

| July 13, 2013

Cyberlink PhotoDirector 4 lets you manage, edit and share your photos with a good interface and easy to use program that works quickly and no need on waiting on processing photos when editing or adding effects. It has an easy to view before and after photos with various views which you can view the difference. Most of the adjustments is shown instantly and easily view both versions and only applied when you output the photo.



Cyberlink PhotoDirector 4 runs faster than older editions and there’s less or no waiting on the processing of photos. At the start of the program, you start up on the library section or if you have opened it up on the last section you were on. At left section lets you look for the location of photos. Cyberlink PhotoDirector 4 has a smart collection which you can create also which selects the photos from various locations or you can just browse to the folders. At the bottom you can see the photos of the selected folder and filter out on the selections you want to view at.


The top section lets you select the library, adjustment, edit, slideshow and print. The adjustment section lets you manually adjust the photos Tone, White Balance, HDR Effect, etc. while you can also select various presets depending on the effect you are looking for. Cyberlink PhotoDirector 4 offers many presets you can choose from or many manual adjustments and it is plenty for you to adjust your photos the way you want. All of the adjustments are shown instantly to the photo you are editing without much processing which is great. Adjustments are saved when you output the photo and it has also a backup featured found on the settings which lets you backup when program exists, and also daily, weekly, etc. With the side view you can easily view the changes and see if what needs to be changed more or see if what to revert which is a nice feature to have.


The edit section brings editing features for adjusting when you need to edit facial features, photo effects, remove objects from photo and cover it with a patch, removing background, adding watermarks, etc. The slideshow is basic and lets you 3 effects Fade, Wipe Left Soft and Motion and also lets you change the aspect ratio. When you click on produce you can select the exact aspect ratio which lets you select up to 1080p on a 16:9 ratio.


The settings is simple and lets you change where the project is backed up and when to backup, add your DirectorZone account, language, and how it handles files. DirectorZone lets you download various presets that makes this easily used for those that don’t know much of photo editing or is there first times using an editor so you can download pre-made presets. You can also create and share a preset if in case you found a specific adjustments that you use on regular basis.


Thoughts and Conclusion

Cyberlink PhotoDirector 4 is a great photo editor with a quick processing of the adjustments made. It includes many manual for those more knowledgeable or presets which for those that are not or easily add the adjustments that you have created for easily adjusting of several photos using a preset you made. Cyberlink PhotoDirector 4 has what it needs to be a choice for adjusting and editing photos with easily view of both versions. Give Cyberlink PhotoDirector 4 a try at: http://www.cyberlink.com/products/photodirector-ultra/features_en_US.html.

Reviewed by LMANLO



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