[Contest] Direct MP3 Joiner [Forum Exclusive]

| September 25, 2012

Direct MP3 Joiner offered by Pistonsoft is a tool to combine, merge and join MP3 files. Well, there is quite a number of software designed to do the job. So, what is special about Pistonsoft and its product? First of all, it is a company of repute and so are the programs that it owns. You want quality software doing what it claims to do? Don’t hesitate. There can be cheaper or free analogs but money spent on Pistonsoft products will never be a waste.
As for Direct MP3 Joiner, its advantages are as follows: it is real quick and your files will be merged before you can say (or phone) Jack Robinson. And the resulting file won’t be a mess with pieces that are missing or wrongly put. Besides, I have not witnessed a single case of freezing, no matter how many files were being processed, which frequently happens with some overhyped software.

There are even more options like the Append Mode allowing to join one fixed file to any and every file in your playlist. Different ways of arranging files according to your preference are also quite handy. As well as the silence injecting feature. You can easily perform manual editing of ID3 tag information for MP3 files, and even files with artwork (album cover) in the ID3 tag are supported. In the Mix Mode you can mix one fixed file (the first file in the list) with every other file in the list and create new file with background music, for example. Also the program feels OK with VBR, accepting any bitrate you feed it.

There’s one more thing I enjoy about MP3 Joiner. When sorting a list of MP3 files from 1 to 12, a regular alphanumeric sort will order the numbers as 1, 10, 11, 12, 2, 3…9. If you are not a numeric freak, this thing surely won’t thrill you. The newest MP3 Joiner Sort Algorithm will spare you the trouble of putting everything into the right order and will sort your MP3 files correctly in a matter of seconds.

You’d like to have an internal MP3 audio player, batch processing, drag-and-drop interface? Everything is there. The developers provided for everything that is essential for merging files together. What they did not provide for are bells and whistles that clutter the interface with unnecessary items and have no relevance to the efficiency of the work being done. The task was not to combine an MP3 Joiner and a dishwasher. The task was to merge audio files fast and without any reconversion or a quality loss. And it is achieved. The program is a real gem and it is “as rare as any it belied with false compare”.

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