[Contest] Diskeeper 2011 Professional

| September 3, 2011

Diskeeper 2011 automatically takes care of hard-disk fragmentation as it occurs, making the manual defragmenters we’re all accustomed to a thing of the past. For any Windows users experiencing a lag in hard-disk performance, this hassle-free tool is a fantastic option.

At first glance, Diskeeper appears to be quite a bit more complicated than many of the other disk defragmenter software applications we reviewed. This is due to the fact that the software is set up to not only be a onetime solution but a long term solution to defragmentation problems. The idea of having the application continually running in the background can be unsettling, but we found that the companies claim to zero overhead (zero resources hits) held true. The disk defragmenter software was very responsive and left a very small footprint on our systems resources.

This proprietary technology enables faster file reads and writes, with zero impact on system resources during fragmentation prevention. It minimizes and eliminates data replication traffic and storage requirements caused by technologies that monitor block level changes (such as Snapshots).

Diskeeper 2011 offers a ground breaking new combination of technology that prevents (IntelliWrite) and immediately eliminates (NEW Instant Defrag) performance-impacting fragmentation so you’ll likely never access slow files ever again. IntelliWrite prevents up to 85% and more, fragmentation from occurring on the initial write. If fragments are not prevented during the initial write, IntelliWrite passes along information about the remaining fragments, in real-time, to the Instant Defrag engines for immediate handling.

For novice users there is a usable feature in the form of a guided feature menu. Diskeeper has a quick launch menu which opens on the left side. The quick launch menu shows all the options available in a fairly easy to read format with guided instructions for utilizing each feature. The main windows show each drive found on the computer, a user can generally right click on each drive to use different actions, such as IntelliWrite, automatic defragmentation, and even SSD options.

Diskeeper 2011 Professional will:

  • Cure and prevent performance-robbing fragmentation so your PC is always fast.
  • Increase the speed, performance and reliability of your PC — automatically.
  • Speed up PC Boot-up, Backup, Web Browsing, Applications and so much more.
  • Increase file access speeds – by as much as 80%.
  • Increase the longevity of your hard drive, so it lasts up to 3 years longer.
  • Consolidate free space – so your files can be written side-by-side.
  • Minimize resource usage – by targeting & eliminating problem fragmentation.
  • Prevent fragmentation-related PC slows, lags and crashes.
  • Reduce I/O activity for fastest read and write speeds.
  • Reduce file corruption and data loss.

Overall, we think Diskeeper 2011 is a winner. Its user interface may be overwhelming or confusing to non-technical types, but that doesn’t overshadow what it’s got going on under the hood. Its IntelliWrite technology eliminates most fragments as they occur, while its Automatic Defragmentation function catches the rest.

In cooperation with Diskeeper.com (sponsor of this giveaway), we can offer 5 licenses! of Diskeeper Professional, worth $59.95 each.

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