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| October 3, 2014

Dr. Web Security Space is a very well rounded suite. That was very smooth and easy to install. It comes with ever component needed to secure your PC. I was very satisfied to see that the suite included a parental controls, a link scanner, and a email scanner in addition to the anti-virus and firewall components. Most suites do not include these other components. I tested each component thoroughly. Below are my findings and opinions on what I found, and what I think could be done to improve Dr. Web Security Space.

I was very amazed with the Spider Gate component of Dr. Web which is the link scanner. It was able to block every malicious site I had tested it with in its tracks. I went threw many lists trying to find something it would not detect. However, after testing many lists from multiple sites on the web, I could not find a single malicious site the link scanner didn’t prevent from running. I tested for browsers redirects to Java malware, Ransome messages, Trojan ransom messages, and many other malicious sites. After testing these malicious sites I then performed a scan with other popular utilities like Hitman Pro and Malwarebytes. This proved that spider gate was in dead blocking the threats completely. The only thing I noticed that spider gate had a problem with was links to fake antivirus suites. It allowed these to run completely without detection. I was able to get them to download and install. Otherwise I thought the link scanner was a very strong addition of the suite, and did a very good job at blocking all types of threats. Below are screen shots of Spider Gate successfully blocking a threat, and an instance of one of the face anti-virus’s that was able to run.

After testing the link scanner I moved onto testing the real-time AV component. I tested Dr. Web with various types of dangerous files. The real time scanner was able to detect all of the test files I threw at it. Wich contained trojans, rootkits, spyware, and other types of malware. Once again as above I tested with Hitman Pro and Malwarebytes for anything missed by Dr. Web. Once again the only thing that wasn’t detected was the rogue antivirus software missed in the Spider Gate test. These rogue softwares were able to run, and even install on the system. I don’t find this a very big deal for the more advanced user who knows how to avoid these types of situations. I am more impressed with the detection rates of the malware I tested for. Below is a screen shot of one of the rogue antivirus suites that was able to completely install and run.

The firewall component of Dr. Web seams very basic. I think it could contain a little better description for the rules it doesn’t know. Also, when setting up new rules I did not see a “Allow Outgoing Only” option. The only way I found to allow a program outbound access only was to manually configure the rule. The firewall component also did not auto detect very many programs. I was forced to allow connections for two very well known programs which are Malwarebytes and Hitman Pro. This could be a little confusing for the less experienced user. Having a list of know safe programs would defiantly make the program more appealing to everyone. The firewall seamed to do its job, and gave me no problems at all. I think a the changes I pointed out above though would really make the program shine. Below I have included a few screen shots of the firewall, and the pop ups I received for Malwarebytes and Hitman Pro.

Unlike other suites the e-mail protection feature in Dr. Web was very straight forward and easy to setup. This is a feature I have seen in only a very few suites and I have tested a lot of them. I think this is definitely a plus, and they did a very good job with it. I was also very surprised to see the suite had a parental controls component as well. Which makes the program more family friendly. This was appealing to me as I have a child who uses the web. Dr. Web has really made sure they have provided all the features a person would need into their suite. Dr. Web is one of the only suites I have come across to offer such a wide range of components in their suite.

Overall, I think Dr. Web is a strong security suite. It does a very good job at protecting from various threats. One thing I would like to see added to the suite one day is possibly the addition of a sandbox. I think that it would be a great addition that would help with some of the nasties that were able to get through. The suite defiantly has everything that anyone would ever need in a antivirus suite. I just think that now Dr. Web should spend some time on polishing these features to make them more user friendly. Other than that I was very happy to test the software, and was very pleased with the suites performance. It is defiantly a suite that I will be recommending to my friends.

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