[Contest] EaseUS Partition Master Pro

| April 22, 2014

The hardware used for this review is a HP desktop computer (model DC 7600) with the following specs: Pentium 4, 3.2 GHz (with Hyper Threading technology enabled), 4 GB RAM, 2 internal hard drives and 2 external USB hard drives. The operating system is Windows XP Professional with Service Pack 3 with all of the available security updates installed. I also have an internal network of 5 computers (each one using Windows XP Professional SP3).

The first thing that I did was download the trial edition of Partition Master Professional. The install file is 34.4 MB and with my fast internet connection it only took a couple of minutes to download. After the download was completed I started the install process. I was then informed that I had a previous version installed and I had to uninstall it before I could continue (which makes sense).


Once the program was installed then I proceeded to try it out.



I want to say that I appreciate it very much that EaseUS software still runs on Windows XP. I didn’t have any difficulties with the install nor with using the program. There are a few quirks, but every software program has its quirks. I have used EaseUS Partition Master for many years (free version mostly) and it has a lot of potential.


I already own a lifetime license which I had purchased in December 2013 (version 9.3). I decided to go ahead and activate the software so that this review would be more thorough. Actually last week I had discovered that the lifetime license that I purchased did not work with version 10.0. It was a little frustrating, but after contacting EaseUS technical support, they sent me a new license code. The new license code worked fine but it makes me wonder what is going to happen when EaseUS comes out with a newer version of Partition Master Professional. Will I have the same problem? Only time will tell.


Activation was successful and, as you notice on the picture, I have a lifetime license.


I then created the WinPE bootable disk which required me to download the WinPE component from Microsoft. Note: If you used version 9.3 then you will remember that the WinPE bootable disk was created by downloading a special add-on install file which was 143 MB in size and could only be downloaded from a special link supplied by EaseUS. This is a much easier process but it did confuse me a little at first.



There are a couple of things that don’t make sense about the layout of Partition Master Professional. First there are links to Todo Backup and the Data Recovery Wizard. These are not linked to software installed on your computer but they are web links. It would seem to be a sales tactic rather than something useful.


The other thing that bugs me is when it comes to disk copying and partition copying. I have 2 identical USB drives but when I tried to copy the one to the other I got a message that states that the destination disk is too small. After some research I discovered that the destination disk is 2 MB smaller than the source disk. Why did the program not give me the option of shrinking the source disk so that I could copy it to the destination disk? It would seem that you either must have an exact fit or a little bit larger destination disk.




I also tried to copy a partition onto partition. I soon found out that the partition copy requires unallocated space rather than a formatted partition. Is it too difficult to give an option to delete the formatted partition and then copy the partition onto the newly unallocated space? Yes I can delete the partition as part of a separate process but why not make it an option for copying a partition? And I am sure that like the disk copy, the partition copy requires an exact fit or a larger size partition for its destination partition.

One last thing, I may have missed it but I didn’t see an option for working with the partitions of a network drive. If there is an option then I would like to know where. If this is not an option, then I think EaseUS should consider making it a part of the next upgrade.

Well anyhow, I think Partition Master Professional is an excellent program to use. It has a lot of good features. I generally use a program like this for setting up a new hard drive and resizing my partitions. I like to create 8 partitions on a hard drive and then move data around quite a bit. It has served me well and I am sure it will be beneficial to others.

Reviewer: brosmith

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2. [Contest] EaseUS Partition Master Pro

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