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| August 10, 2012

EaseUS Todo Backup Workstation is powerful efficient system backup and restore the system, hard drive, partition, data and folders & applications from collapse . Its easy and  fast  software for both business and home users.

You can create a bootable CD-cylinder self-working when the computer starts and is useful when your computer fails and you can repeat access to your files so that you can repeat this through the cylinder easily restore the backup.

After my experience for this great product : 


The installation process was easy. launch the setup , just click on next , I agree and next next and next to finish the setup program.

Once installed, the installation wizard will show you a video tutorial to explain some of the features in this program.


Once you start the program, you’ll find the program interface is quite easy.

The EaseUS Todo Backup interface is surprisingly user-friendly, with all of the main features easily accessible via four main modules – Backup, Recovery, Clone, and Tools. The top of the interface is lined with 4 tabs – Home, (which lets you access the main modules), Management (which lets you oversee and manage backup and restore operations), Logs, and Upgrade.

System Backup:

I started by trying out the new One Click System Backup. That went extremely smooth. I have a second hard drive installed in the system to hold my backups.  The OS partition is 13.9 GB in size and after the backup it was compressed to 5.58 GB.

The One-Click System backup is clean and easy.

– Click on System Backup

– Select the backup location

– Click the Proceed Button and the backup starts running

It took 4 Minutes and 39 seconds to backup 13.9 GB of data, which I think is very impressive.

Backup Options:

From the image you can see that there is a wide variety of settings available. There is even an offsite copy option for sending files via FTP.


Some commercial backup software I’ve worked with in the past really fall apart when it comes to scheduling. The interface is convoluted or the settings don’t ‘stick’ and I have to start over. In any case, EaseUS has done this right too.

It was very easy to set up and I had some incremental backups scheduled in no time. They ran flawlessly in the background without affecting for workflow at all.


The Snapshot tab offers to create and restore system snapshots. This works similar to Window’s system restore feature. Snapshots need less storage space than full system backups. Due to their size, it is usually a lot faster to restore a snapshot than it would be to restore a full backup.

The first snapshot is automatically activated on first boot after the feature has been enabled in the software. It is from that moment on possible to create snapshots from the menu. 

Previously created snapshots can be deleted at any time.

There are many advantages of this program as following:

Disk and Partition Image

Backup entire disk(s), partition(s), dynamic volume(s) or GPT disk(s) to image. You can back up the entire system and installed applications on the fly without interrupting the work. It ensures the instant recovery of your PC instead of reinstalling Windows and software.

Restore System to Dissimilar Hardware

One-click to simplify system migration by the way of restoring system to dissimilar hardware configuration for hardware replacement under WinPE recovery environment.

File and Folder Backup

Make a copy of specified files and folders or by file types to secure your individual data, including documents, pictures, music, emails, applications, videos and financial files, etc.

Incremental/Differential Backup

Capturing the changes, differential backup and incremental backup for disk and files are two complements for full backup owing to saving time and your disk space.

Backup Management

Manually change backup tasks & plans, including specifying backup type as full, incremental or differential, and execute the changes immediately. Delete image files, convert disk image to .VMDK (VMware virtual disk format) or .VHD (for Virtual PC) and mount into a virtual machine directly.

Disaster Recovery

EaseUS Todo Backup enables you to restore important files from backed up image and perform disaster recovery just by simple clicks. It ensures quick recovery from system crash, a personal error, hardware or software failure, virus attack or hacker’s intrusive destruction, etc.

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Backup Schedule

To run backup automatically at a predefined time. By scheduling a backup task, your system and important data can be backed up now, daily, weekly, monthly.

Backup Network Data

Full protect network data, including network shared file on NAS and Windows, with full backup, incremental backup, differential backup and schedule backup, etc.

Mount and Unmount

Mount a disk and partition image to a virtual partition (working as ordinary, logical drives) to explore or copy files in it. A drive letter can be assigned to this partition. You can also unmount the virtual partition.

Disk and Partition Clone

Migrate or copy all the data on a hard disk partition, dynamic volume or GPT disk to another. Clone disk is especially useful to upgrade your hard drive to a new one without reinstalling operating systems and applications.

Delete old images

Split an image file to fit different storage devices; compress a backup image to save disk space.

Wipe Data

With this feature, you can erase all the sensitive data on a disk or partition to protect your privacy.

Image Splitting and Compression

Compress a backup image to save disk space. The higher compression level, the smaller image is.

Check Image

Check the integrate of backup image. You can validate whether you will be able to recover from the backup image.

Set Priority

Change the priority of a backup process to make it run faster or slower. The performance of other programs will be adversely affected.

Explore backup image file

Explore, copy and restore files and folders directly from a backup image in Windows Explorer.


Set a password to protect your image file and prevent other persons to access the backed up files. The highest encryption standard (256 bit AES) is available in EaseUS Todo Backup.

Bootable Media

Run EaseUS Todo Backup from an emergency disk to perform recovery in case of system crash, etc. USB drive, CD or DVD bootable media can be created.

Schedule Backup Ongoing Indicator

Timely notify whether your schedule is ongoing, and allow manually cancel the schedule.

Email Notification

Notify administrator with the results of backup operations via multiple email addresses.

New features and improved in EaseUS Todo Backup Workstation 4.5

Support Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8 (32 & 64 bit)

Backup tasks and plans can be interconverted

Full support dynamic volume (backup/restore/clone)

New interface of backup management for business convenience

Directly specify one machine to manage backup plans in Central Management Console


If you’re looking for a convenient way to keep all of your important files backed up continually, and restore files after system crashes or data loss, EaseUS Todo Backup provides an ideal solution. With a simple user interface and a plethora of useful features, this application is a top-of-the-line backup and restore utility.


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