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| August 29, 2014

East-tec Eraser 2014 East-tec Eraser 2014 is an application that comes with a set of tools to securely erase private information from your PC. Here is a tour of the wonderful features the application includes:

Main Menu The main menu displays all important information the user needs to know all on one page.


This menu is uniquely designed for ease of access to all features that need fixing. Events are laid out in an orderly fashion. The interface conforms to the Metro theme. In the picture above, it shows that the application needs to be unlocked from trial version in 15 days, Privacy Guard needs to be run, and deleted data needs to be erased. If a user runs privacy guard, for example, and some files couldn’t be deleted at the time of removal, then another warning will show saying that the computer needs a reboot to remove all files.

There will also be a box showing the update statistics of the application. If the application requires updates, then there will be another warning.

The next picture shows the “Dashboard” tab with alerts. It will show when there are any alerts on the main screen.

On the bottom, there is a “Queue” bar. When a certain task (such as Privacy Guard) is running, it will show the process on the Queue bar. There was no internet at the time this picture was taken, so there were no news or announcements; however, there would usually be a list of current news from East-tec.

Privacy Guard Privacy Guard is a nice feature that securely wipes files that can be used to track people down. By wiping files that track your application usage habits and statistics, you can ensure that your activity on your PC is private and remains private.


Privacy Guard’s Basic cleaning will wipe files according to the application’s defaults. The screen above shows the Advanced cleaning procedure, where it needs to ask the user to wipe certain files. This way, some important user files (that the user intended to have) will not be accidentally wiped out. On the bottom is a bar that lets the user adjust the level of security when wiping the files.

This tool (and every other tool) contains an option to change Advanced Settings. A screenshot of it is not included, but Advanced Settings should be used for configuring deeper settings from the tool. Most users should leave the Advanced Settings alone, because the settings are set to the optimal level.

Erase Files and Folders Another interesting feature this application offers is a tool to securely wipe files and folders of the user’s choice. If the user has important documents that need to be securely shredded so it won’t be disclosed to the public, this tool is the solution.


For easier file selection, the user can select the files by criteria. It will allow the user to search for all or part of the file name, the folder to find the file in, the date of the file (date accessed, created, or modified), and the size of the file. This is good for deleting a group of files that match the user’s criteria, or deleting a file that is buried in a folder with a bunch of other files and folders. The same bar from the Privacy Guard also is shown here, and will be shown in the other menus as well (except for the Scheduler).

The shredding techniques have not been discussed yet. There are 14 types of shredding techniques used by the tools in this application to delete files (the light-blue bar on the bottom, above the “Start” button):

1. Low Security Level, Wipe Speed High

Quick Wiping (One Pass/No Check)

Quick Wiping (One Pass/Check)

Quick Wiping (Random Pass)

2. Normal Security Level, Wipe Speed Medium 

Stop Software Recovery Tools


NAVSO P-5239-26 (RLL) (3 Passes)

3. Normal Security Level, Wipe Speed Slow 

NAVSO P-5239-26 (MFM) (3 Passes)

Russian GOST P50739-95

U.S. Department of Defense (3 Passes) [DoD 5220.22 M]

German VSITR

4. High Security Level, Wipe Speed Slow 

U.S. Department of Defense Enhanced (7 Passes)

B. [Bruce] Schneier’s Algorithm (7 Passes)

5. High Security Level, Wipe Speed Very Slow

3+7+3 Beyond DoD Standards  S

top Hardware Recovery (Gutmann Method)

Erase Deleted Data Usually, people empty the Recycle Bin, and think that the files are permanently gone. Now is a good time to know that deleting a file in the Recycle Bin or emptying it will not permanently delete the file, which will allow other applications to recover those files. Sometimes, making it recoverable is a good idea, if, for example, a family photo is accidentally deleted. Many times though, making it recoverable is not a good idea, when there are sensitive documents that need to be permanently removed and is not. By using this tool, previous items deleted from the Recycle Bin will be permanently deleted from the system.


Please note that this tool will run for a long time (hours), so please find a convenient time to run this tool. It will take a long time to search for deleted files, and it will then take a long time to remove those files completely.

Media Wiper As its name suggests, Media Wiper is a tool to permanently delete information from disk drives (such as USBs). If some removable disk drives contain sensitive information that need to be deleted, this tool is the solution.


As shown on the green banner in the picture above, East-tec DisposeSecure 5 is another application by East-tec that will wipe all types of drives (including partitions), not just disk drives. This tool limits the disk drive to 64 GB. Even with that limitation, USB drives are usually 2, 4, or 8 GB in size, and many SD cards are around 16-32 GB, so the tool is still useful. TipRadar recently had a giveaway on East-tec DisposeSecure 5. The giveaway should still work, so grab it before it’s over!

Scheduler This application includes a scheduler, a handy tool to run other tools (such as Privacy Guard or Erase Deleted Data) at a constant schedule, so the user will not have to run the tools themselves. Also, if a user were to be away from his/her PC for a long time, the scheduler will perform the actions so the user can keep the PC’s privacy high without doing anything.


Stealth Mode Stealth Mode is a good feature of this application that allows it to run secretly without any other people knowing. This way, when certain scheduled actions are performed, nobody else can stop these processes except for you (they wouldn’t even know!). The tools in this application all can be run in stealth mode separately (in their Advanced Settings).


Conclusion East-tec Eraser 2014 is a great tool to wipe files and folders that will disclose private information from any user. This tool is great for keeping privacy levels high, and user actions invisible to other users. Even though one might say that many applications come with these tools, this application offers even greater features along with these tools.

A Dashboard provides central management among the application to guide the user to fixing problems with the click of a mouse. 14 ways to shred files securely really helps in situations, such as cleaning a PC during a rush hour, when shredding an FBI document, or maybe shredding mean pictures from your friends!

The file shredder is very convenient, and can be accessed through the right-click context menu in Windows. The scheduler really helps let the application run conveniently without any user actions. And finally, easy-to-configure settings help users make the application run their way (even better, the settings are set at optimal settings, so most users don’t even have to do anything!)! Enjoy privacy at its finest!

Official website here

Reviewer:  Advanced Skill

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[Contest] east-tec Eraser 2014

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