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| October 2, 2012

When taking photos with a camera you will lose depending on the exposure details.
High Dynamic Range Imaging (HDR) is a photo technology were image details can be gained by taking photos with different exposures of the same photo motif. Detailed bright parts can be taken from the photo with the higher exposure and detailed darker parts can be taken from the photo with lower exposure. This is where you will need easyHDR.

easyHDR is one of the software pioneers of HDR imaging. The software can handle loss-free RAW images and comes with twelve different languages. The installation of the nine mega byte setup was kept simple and the program takes 15.5MB of disk space. While generating images it can take many times more space.

In the program you can add your photos with different exposures. The software gets the exposure value (EV) through the EXIF information of each image. When taking the photos it’s recommended to use a tripod, but the Pro version of easyHDR has two options to align your photos to avoid the ghosting effect, caused by moving the camera while taking the photos with a different EV.

easyHDR can now generate a HDR Image with the combined details of each photo. Without being a photographer you can play around with the different sliders and you can see the effect applied to your image. The program comes with different presets and you can save your own adjustments to a preset.

The program supports multi core processing. easyHDR can calculate a preview image which size reduced if you need a more quicker preview while tweaking your HDR photo.

Before saving the final image you can apply different filters, adjust the color or crop the image.

This is the result after the three steps within a few minutes which is making the name of the program fully justified.

easyHDR can also apply tone mapping to just one photo. They call it LDR enhancement. My results with just one source photo were not that impressive as using three or more source photos of the same subject.
Also if the generated LDR images did not have luminance efficacy as their HDR companion is still possible to tweak your recent photos to stunning eye catchers.

If you have many photos you can use the batch processing feature of the program.
easyHDR is for beginners, advanced and professionals to get the best result of you photo motif.

The price is starting at 35€ for easyHDR PRO 2 HOME incl. VAT.

Their flickr group I can recommend with many impressive examples.

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