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| June 11, 2012

EPractize Labs aims to offer a complete Skill Development and Skill Evaluation platform suitable for individuals and any kind of organization such as IT Organizations, Recruitment Agencies, Training Companies, Universities, Government Organizations, Schools, Colleges, etc.

Many of us are part of IT industry, and given the severe competition we have to be on our toes to keep ourselves updated with latest technology and knowledge. All companies in IT industry favor individuals who have done software certifications.

Speaking from my personal experience preparing for a certification is a lengthy process. Moreover when you are new to the certificate course it becomes very difficult and rather boring. We have to explore vast study materials and invest lot of time, money and energy.

To our aid we have EPractize Labs who are focused on providing online and interactive learning providing us a solid foundation for certification preparation.

Speaking about quality of EPractize products, have a look at the link below to see how their Product’s Life Cycle work:


EPractize Labs provides all Oracle-Java certificates preparation material including Java SE, Java EE and Java ME.

Below is the full list of certificate kits provided by EPractize Labs:

Java SE Certifications

1Z0-803 – Oracle Certified Associate, Java SE 7 Programmer

1Z1-804 – Oracle Certified Professional, Java SE 7 Programmer

1Z0-805 – Oracle Certified Professional, Java SE 7 Upgrade Programmer

1Z0-850 – Oracle Certified Associate, Java SE 5/SE 6

1Z0-851 – Oracle Certified Professional, Java SE 6 Programmer

1Z0-853 – Oracle Certified Professional, Java SE 5 Programmer

1Z0-855 & 1Z0-856 – Oracle Certified Master, Java SE 6 Developer

Java EE Certifications

1Z0-858 – Oracle Certified Professional, Java EE 5 Web Component Developer

1Z0-860 – Oracle Certified Professional, Java EE 5 Business Component Developer

1Z0-862 – Oracle Certified Professional, Java EE 5 Web Services Developer

1Z0-864 – Oracle Certified Master, Java EE 5 Enterprise Architect Exam

1Z0-865 & 1Z0-866 – Oracle Certified Master, Java EE 5 Enterprise Architect Assignment and Essay

1Z0-897 – Oracle Certified Expert, Java Platform, Enterprise Edition 6 Web Services Developer

1Z0-899 – Oracle Certified Expert, Java EE 6 Web Component Developer

1Z0-895 – Oracle Certified Expert, Java Platform, Enterprise Edition 6 Enterprise JavaBeans Developer

1Z0-898 – Oracle Certified Expert, Java Platform, Enterprise Edition 6 Java Persistence API

CX-311-086 – Oracle Certified Professional, Java Platform, Enterprise Edition 6 JavaServer Faces Developer


Java ME Certifications

1Z0-869 – Oracle Certified Professional, Java ME 1 Mobile Application Developer

The best parts of these kits are that they are 100% downloadable and offline products. Once you have downloaded and activated them, you are free to use it anytime without having access to internet. You can study the material and practice the exam at your convenient time and place.

Moreover what you would have never expected is that all the products are a one-time pay, and life-time updateable. In other words, once you have paid you are entitled to receive any future updates lifetime for free. See below for a proof of update:

Also as per the license agreement you could use a single purchased certification kit on any two computers, say home PC and office PC.

Still unsatisfied, all EPractize Labs products come with 100% Test Pass Guarantee and they offer a complete refund. Read below:


Having said above it is time for some action and let dive into one of these wonderful products – SCJP 5 Certification Training Lab.

The version history could be accessed from the link below:


The Questions Splitup could be viewed from the following link:


After you login to the lab, you see the following interface:

The interface is designed to work in Full Screen mode.

There are three sections spread across a total of 12 steps.

 1. Plan – this section provides details on the objectives of the certification exam, goal settings, exam benefits, lab schedules, topic wise split-up, acronyms and FAQ. It covers three steps (1-3):

Step-1–>Objectives-it describes the Plan Practize Achieve (PPA-1) methodology, detailed exam objectives, product objective in conjunction to exam objectives, Topic wise split-up. Refer the link below to read more about the PPA-1 methodology:


Step-2–>Set Goals– Remember that goals once set cannot be modified. This is very good as it helps being regular in our preparation. There are predefined goal values, but you could change the same per your need. It also allows setting goals against each objective of the certification exam. A sample goal-setting is shown below:

Step-3–>Set schedule– You could set the schedule for labs. Re-scheduling is also supported, but the on re-scheduling you would lose entire history for your previous schedule.

2. Practize – this section is the major part of the certification kit. It includes pre-assessment test, basic and advanced sessions, session quiz, mock exams and focus lab. It covers seven steps (4-10):

Step-4–>Pre Measurement-it serves two purposes, firstly, familiarize a new user to EPractize labs, and secondly, have the user judge their knowledge before starting preparation. This assessment test has pre-defined number of questions and is timed. A sample pre-assessment graphical report is shown below:

Step-5–>Basic Sessions– this is your learning tool wherein you are presented with certification specific objective-wise knowledge material. Each session starts with certification objectives followed by the concepts. A snippet is shown below:

Step-6–>Advanced Sessions– these sessions take you to the next level working on the basics and  introduce you to the real-world examples/problems. This section has highest significance in my view as it prepares you with hands-on knowledge to face the certification exam. A snippet is shown below

Additionally, there is an assessment exam for each session (both basic as well as advanced) to check your learning. You could also add notes to each question say for example if you made an intelligent guess!

Step-7–>Session Rewind Quiz– this quiz is both dynamic and interactive in nature. You can check your answers as soon as you finish answering the quiz. It offers two modes: Topic Wise and Customizable. in Topic Wise quiz you could select any number of certification topics for which you want to take the quiz. In Customizable quiz you can select the level from beginner, intermediate and expert. It also allows selecting number of questions and time settings.

Step-8–>Mock Exam Lab– This is another very important part of the certification kit. It provides you exposure to the real exam environment using the mock exam simulator. It offers two modes: Default and Customizable. There are five Default mock exams. In Customizable mode you can select the level from beginner, intermediate and expert. It also allows selecting number of questions and time settings. For each level there are maximum 100 mock questions.

Step-9–>Final Exam– This is the final hammer blow on your certification preparation nail. It is an exact replication of your real certification exam and contains 60 questions. You could either take the pre-defined final exam or customize it. Please note that you can only customize it with respect to decreasing the allowed time. Rest all parameters are fixed.

As soon as you complete any exam/mock/quiz such as the assessment exam (both basic as well as advanced), session quizzes, mock labs or final exam, you are presented with the result summary. It contains the following information:

1. Name of the exam

2. Date

3. Passing score (as set by EPractize labs experts)

4. Your score

5. Test status

6. Total number of questions

7. Correct answered questions

8. Objective and corresponding score

9. Strength

10. Weakness

A sample report is shown below:

As you could gauge from above, the certification kit captures every possible detail of your preparation and helps you prepare for the exam. It presents you objectives specific detail in a very simplified manner for you to understand and know your weak/strong points.

Step-10–>Focus Lab– This is another learning part of the certification kit. As the name suggests this section focuses on your short-comings. For any question that you had answered wrong (from assessment exams, session quizzes, mock labs or final exam), gets added to the Focus lab. It also logs how many number of times you had answered a question incorrectly. All questions here are under different assessments that you had taken in the certification kit. A sample is shown below:

3. Achieve – this section provides you a graphical and tabular representation of how far you were able to achieve your goals. It shows your understanding of the subject material. It also paves way to improve the status by giving planned assessments and accomplishments based on topics, labs, and dates.

Step-11–>Reports- this step provides a summary of your hard work and dedication towards your certification preparation. The reports show you your progress of all the exams you had attempted so far. You can select any exam – Pre Measurement exam, Review Exam, Advanced Sessions, Session Rewind Quiz, Mock Exam and Final Exam and view the reports from Reports Lab. The kit also allows you to save the reports on your PC’s local disk by using the “Publish Report” option. A sample report interface is shown below:

Step-12–>Assessment- Last but not the least this section tracks your goals and schedules in four segments listed below.

1. Goals Tracker: It displays the tabular and graphical representation of your goals set versus goals achieved for every objective/topic. A sample goal tracker is shown below:

2. Gantt Chart: It displays the Gantt view of the lab-wise planned vs the actual schedule and the percentage obtained for the same. A sample chart is shown below:

3. Schedule Tracker: It displays the tracking information of all the labs in tabular format. It uses a color code to display the information. For a score of 80% or more the information is displayed in black. And for a score of less than 80% the information is displayed in red. A sample schedule tracker is shown below:

4. PPA Tracker: If you have successfully accomplished your goal, PPA Tracker greets you with a message that you have achieved your goal. Additionally you are also presented a Certification of Completion.

In addition to above 12 steps there is an additional section discussed below:

My References– I call this section as your learning repository. Often we get some good learning points shared by our friends, colleges or found online. We would have to then either write those points somewhere or save the downloaded file for future reference. The trouble comes in finding the information when we need it. This section allows you to store any of your collected reference material (file or url) in the certification kit itself. It also allows updating and deleting the reference added. You could store based on the topic as shown below.

There is a help button provided for each step. So when you click on “About xyx section/step” it opens you the help for that particular section/step. The help file provided includes detailed instructions and covers every aspect of the program.

EPractize Labs has also provided a functionality to print everything that you see on the screen. This is very useful for paper-reading or in a case where you want to take something in your hand for reading/revising.

Strong Points of EPractize Labs certification kits:


1. Interactive learning and certification objective focused.

2. 100% downloadable and offline products.

3. Lifetime free updates once purchased.

4. One stop shop for your preparation.

5. Easy to use.

6. Unique PPA methodology derives results.

7. Easy presentation of one’s progress using tables and Gantt charts.

8. Different levels provided for mocks– Beginner, Intermediate, and Expert.

9. Customizable quizzes and mocks.

10. 100% Test Pass Guarantee

Some Suggestions:

1. Add the functionality to change the interface size. This would help users to adjust as per their screen size/monitor resolution.

2. Appreciate if Acronyms could be arranged alphabetically to ease the search.

Some basic corrections:

1. The navigation buttons << >> in the help file will navigate only to those contents which have been viewed before. For example, if I have not viewed login section, the navigation button will stop a section before the login section.

2. Under SCJP 5 Training Lab’s Objective->Product Objective there is a typo as it says SCJP 6.0 instead of SCJP 5.

3. Under SCJP 5 Training Lab’s Objective->Product Objective there is a mis-spell “study material for Oracle&rsquos Java…”.

4. Multiple topics could not be selected using Ctrl or Shift key for Basic Sessions. However it worked fine for Basic Sessions – Exam.

5. Multiple topics could not be selected using Ctrl or Shift key for Advanced Sessions. However it worked fine for Advanced Sessions – Exam.


If you are really looking for an easy, affordable and, enjoyable learning experience along with improving your career, becoming competitive in the job market, boosting up job security and job opportunities – go for EPractize Labs products.

View a video tour of Training Lab courtesy EPractize Labs:


EPractize Labs also provides an online Time Calculator which estimates the time required by you to prepare for a certification exam. Access the same using the link below:


Additionally EPractize Labs also runs a very useful blog where you could easily find information and updates on certificate exams. Access the same using the link below:


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