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| April 4, 2014

The Eset Smart Security is solution to keep you system lighting fast, vault secure and healthy like new.
One of the best thing is that which I like and you also eset is famous of its lightest internet security with small setup size compare to others, now a days we know every second 1000 of PC/Laptop is going to affected by viruses and hackers continuously trying access/destroy important data whatever those PC or servers, many people not focus on PC securities but I want to tell to all of them who think like this. PC/Laptops now a days it not just electronic device it is a part of your life, if you don’t think like me then why you keep your private images, videos, IDs, important data and etc, why hide and protect with password?,  and you don’t like anybody see all of these. Eset just not protect your PCs data also protect an important part of your life’s moments from all unauthorized users and from live threats.

What are live threats?

The hackers creates new viruses every moment and spread on the internet, you don’t know which link is affected by virus, but eset serve you clean and green link after full scan with ESET Live Grid (recommend) each links.
Key Features:

  • Real time scan
  • Parental control
  • Advance firewall
  • Link scanner
  • Social media scanner
  • Advance Configuration
  • Free upgrades


Real Time Scan:

The Real time scan is main feature of Eset Smart Security, here you can configure file scan category and file type the powerful scan engine configuration is not so hard like people think
about Eset each thing is crystal clear and easy to configure but for a good configuration you have know about security which option use for what, and from setup button you can do more deep security settings.
In the computer part you can do some advance configuration of different kind of scans, like

  1. On demand scan– is scan your pc which type of scan you would like to prefer option
    like smart scan, I-dept scan, contain scan, you may also create profile for do this task quick for the future.
  2.  Start up scan– will scan some main part of system like memory, boot sector, emails, archive and etc.
  3.  Idle state scanning– is work when you PC idle
  4. Advance setup– is good option for when you modify any file or file modified by virus it automatically scan, detect will do as you set (when detect virus).
  5. Removable media- is an important part where virus mostly effect your system, there are 2 option auto scan and show scan option set it as you desire
  6. Exclusion – is use when you don’t want to some files, this option is skip the exclusion list while system scan.
  7. HIPS- provide you create rule option for your system files, like system file, system folder, registry and you can make it more easy by using filter option of HIPS. If you use filter option any new application wants to communicate with its server or pair Eset will ask you for allow or deny as per your settings.



The network part is very strong it’s myself experience any signal can’t pass without pass the security, and this is depend on your setting how much strong setting you configure in the firewall. Yes, firewall is part of network security but it little bit deferent from other and quite hard to to setting.

  1. 1.      Personal firewall- Eset has its own personal firewall, mean no similarity rule like other,
    its mean hard to crack the firewall eset use personal protocol for efficient an strong security. There are some mode which make configuration easy automatic mode, interactive mode, learning mode and policy based mode, I would like little explain about
    policy based mode in simple word customizable firewall as you create rule for the applications, registries and for others.
  2. 2.      Rules and zone- watch and create rule for application and for network traffic also allow or deny and many useful configuration which make your firewall more strong for you.
  3. 3.       IDS and advance options- feature made easy allow or deny service and many more with one click and also easy to troubleshooting.
  4. 4.      Application modification detection- whenever any application modify eset detect and display you this application is modifying what you want to do allow or deny.


Web and Email:

The web and email is important if you’re using email services or email client here you can find all related things of web and email/email client, like HTTP,HTTPS for web pop,pop3, IMAP,IMAPS, for email client, SSL and more ( I would like to suggest you if you’re new with Eset and you’re configuring any email service and getting errors while configuring so check web and email setting and if you don’t know how configure it so contact to the support team without any hesitation  please feel free to contact them.



Parental Control:

The Parental control is an important part of any internet security suit, Eset Parental control comes with huge category contains list and easy to use with just check option for different accounts, this feature is very effective/useful for family members if you’re head of the family so this is your responsibilities to watch your children surfing on the internet where internet is very useful there is very harmful. Every time you can’t see what happening at home PC at that moment use firewall for safety create an account and divide it in categories like under 18 or +18 you can block many web sites from its category list like gambling, adult, porn, games, downloading and many more.





This option is only related with updates from the setup button you can set and configure,
update with proxy, or online update, update with specific network, or you if you found any error after update you can rollback with update rollback option.



The tools tab contain all related things of scan and virus removable tools, like ESET SysRescue, ESET Sysinspector.

Sysinspector is virus level analyzer, where virus is affected in your system and declares the risk level with full detail and save log option for future or you can increase and decrease the level, log static for compact view all these option available at the top right corner and many useful option available in file, tree, list and help option provide you Online ESET scanner for more safety. If I will tell in simple word about Sysinspector this are snapshots features but Eset provide you more than other.


Social media scanner – Eset doesn’t safe you pc even keep safe your social media profile from latest viruses, you have to install this plug-in in your social media profile and each tweet and news feed, update will scan for viruses.

Advance Tools – if you need more advance tools option just click F5 and you will get more advance options.


User Interface:

The user interface is use for display option when eset find modification on your system or in ESET notify you like update is available, data base has detect virus and etc

  1. Graphics- Eset default set the splash screen when windows start you can modify it, but I like this splash screen.
  2. 2.      Alart and notification- here you can control the notification timing like notification display time show and disappear, close message time mean full control is now made easy by Eset.
  3. 3.      Hidden notification windows- if your windows leave any message for you like critical error you can see here easily.
  4. 4.      Access setup- protects your advance setting with password from unauthorized users.
    Make your Eset full strong by setting and protected with password.
  5. 5.        Context menu- is option for scan result mean what should do antivirus if detect
    just scan, full scan and clean, this is very easy to use option you easily configure it.

Good= the good thing is this Eset provide all those features which you need for security almost from all threats. My favorite thing is in ESET light weight, strong, secure and small in size setup and can be run on low configuration system.

The Bad= the bad thing is configuration for maximum protection it’s little hard and also for firewall setting, eset doesn’t have additional tool for online banking.


The overall for eset a good strong security product which complete your desire about security my personal experience I am using eset from version 4 and I never face and virus effect in my system or file corrupt result while using eset.

For information about ESET or maximum protection of your system configuration you can visit here www.eset.com   

Reviewer: mohammadwasi7861

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