[Contest] ESET Smart Security 8

| September 20, 2014

Eset Smart Security 8 BETA gives you the security you need to protect your computer. It is easy to use and keeps you protected with the features it includes. It runs really good without too much notice that you have it running and with a 97% detection rate from a test done with some infected files. Eset Smart Security 8 BETA new interface becomes modern, the interface is useful and easy to use.



Eset Smart Security 8 BETA interface is decent and easy to use which could be used by any one. The main interface gives you a rundown of the frequently used from running smart scan to enabling a setting.The computer scan lets you select from four different selections from a smart scan, custom scan, if you have removal media and repeat last scan.Eset also provides a training on the way to safe internet practices which comes in handy for those starting off using internet or just want to know how to keep safe while still browsing.



Eset Smart Security 8 BETA smart scan takes up to the time of how many files you might have which can range up to more than 1 hour but can be lower depending on the learning curve. Eset Smart Scan has a learning curve so the first scan could take about an hour or more but the rest of the scans would be less than hour or could be up to 30 minutes to scan. Eset Smart scan seemed to be able to detect changes to locations that.A test was done with around 40 infected files where it detected and deleted 97% of the files where the rest were detected after trying to run the files. The rest was deleted using Malwarebytes.

Eset Smart Security 8 BETA settings gives you an easy way to view and edit the settings while still giving you advanced settings for those that like to configure your AV. The settings section helps those that barely know how to configure the settings. Eset Smart Security 8 BETA also gives you an advanced setup to let you able to customize your settings to the way you want. Which lets you select the way Eset Smart Security 8 BETA scans, protects, and how it should handle several fixes. Plus gives you parental control options and the way the tools saves logs and information as well.


Eset Smart Security 8 BETA comes with some additional tools to create a rescue CD and watch your activity and statistics. Also scan your social media to make sure no bad link is in your social media site.



Eset Smart Security 8 BETA gives you the tools to stay protected from attacks. Has a really good detection rate and interface is easy to move around plus gives you a more advanced setup for those that link to configure your AV, which lets you able to customize the settings to control how Eset Smart Security 8 BETA protects you and if you want a more max protection so you have to wait little bit because this is not final version of Eest Smart Security 8 this still in beta testing. This would be an AV program you should think about when needing a full protection.

Take a look more at: https://eset.centercode.com/login.html

Reviewer: LMANLO

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2. [Contest] ESET Smart Security 8

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