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| July 29, 2014

ExtremeCopy is a utility that helps you to copy/move files at a lightning speed. It optimizes the speed based on your machine’s capability.


ExtremeCopy Pro is designed to copy/move files significantly faster than Windows’s normal copy function. For any copy tasks that take a long time to complete you can pause and then resume later. Additionally, if an error occurs while copying files, the same will be recorded in a log – but the copy process continues normally.


Main features of ExtremeCopy

1. Fastest–ExtremeCopy is a utility which copy file extremely fast, it will auto optimize speed and resource base on target physical machine, so it will as fast as possible, especially copy big files, it can increase 20% ~ 120% speed up than Windows Explorer’s default copy handler , excellent features for your backup file routine .

2. Verification–ExtremeCopy can verify destination data by source data after copy file task done. This feature only works in copy file but not move file.

3. Seamless–ExtremeCopy will be integrated into Windows Explorer seamlessly by default once installed. You do copy and paste as usual and ExtremeCopy will come up when you need.

4. Controllable–You can pause/resume copy process if you need. And remain time will be calculated and display exactly

5. Failed File Recovery–It can record failed file in list for recovery after copy finished so that no need to cancel the entire copy task once error encounter.

6. Copy to Multiple destination in one task with fastest way–You can specify multiple destinations in once copy task with the same source instead of copy them  one by one so that to accomplish copy file task by minimum time  .

7. Copy Task File–Supporting ‘Copy File Task’ feature which can let you customize copy task easily and powerful.



There are 2 installation packages available, one for 32 and 64-bit Operating systems. It has two modes of installation – Complete and Custom installation. However there is no difference between them because in Custom mode there is nothing to configure apart from the installation directory. The installation procedure will start right after that step.



It has a simple interface, with just two options to choose: source and destination file/folder, but it can be expanded further to show additional options by clicking the “More” button. The More options that appear let you configure how the program should react on certain cases, like when errors occur or when a copied file has the same filename with a file on the destination folder. You can also select if you want to verify copy data or even run a command after the copy has finished.



Does it works?

Having introduced ExtremeCopy the big question comes, if it actually works as advertised. Allow me to present you some results.

With ExtremeCopy

For 2 files totaling to 1.33 GB (1,435,254,152 bytes) – time to copy = 1minute 12 seconds

For 1 file total of 718 MB (753,387,136 bytes) – time to copy = 23 seconds


Without ExtremeCopy = Windows’s normal copy function

For 2 files totaling to 1.33 GB (1,435,254,152 bytes) – time to copy = 1minute 37 seconds

For 1 file total of 718 MB (753,387,136 bytes) – time to copy = 40 seconds



1. Easy to install and use.

2. Easily replaces the default Windows copy handler by providing a Context Menu entry.

3. Copying speed is significantly increased compared to regular windows copying.

4. Absolute control when a copy error is hit. Provided options: Ignore, Retry or Cancel; as opposed to Windows Cancel only option.

5. Simple and elegant interface.

6. Ability to log the errors for review and rectification. Extremely helpful in cases when one is performing backups.

7. Ability to control/select copy speed, as shown below.

8. Ability to add multiple destinations thereby making it very useful software for backup activity.

9. Supports Drag & Drop function.

10. Ability to pause and skip certain files while copying.


If you are looking to not only increase speed of copying/moving files, but also have full control on the process, ExtremeCopy Pro is the only solution. Feel free to give a shot to the 30-day trial version from the link below:

Below see a video (courtesy Easersoft) comparing ExtremeCopy vs TeraCopy vs Windows 7 Explorer vs SuperCopier2

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