[Contest] File Renamer Turbo [Forum Exclusive]

| October 10, 2012

File Renamer Turbo is an easy and fast renaming tool. When you have various files that needs renaming, formatting, adding an attribute, etc.  File Renamer Turbo gives you the tools you need to do it quick with what you want it renamed.


Installation is simple with welcome, license agreement, choose file location and install. Then you’ll start up the program and comes to the main menu which then you can start renaming your files in batch process, files in a folder, or rename the folders.


File Renamer Turbo interface is a ribbon interface where in the top has two tabs main and help where main tab has the tools you need to select files, rename the files after everything has been setup, create batch file, options, and undo/Redo. Help tab is where you get help on use of File Renamer Turbo and entering registration key. You can click on the circle and gives you the option to start a new, open, save and rename.

The rest of the interface is in three sections left section is where you add the filters you want to rename your files which give you a lot of options to rename many at once. The Basic filter gives you the options to find and replace, insert, capitalize text, remove spaces, set file extension, music tag setter, music tag remover, search music album online, counter, trim and trim between. All of these give you extra options after you select them which you can add information, like on the music tag setter, you can set the track number of which to start from if you are renaming a music list, title, etc.

The advanced filter gives you extra options which gives you are able to add leading zeros in front of numbers, attribute setter, change the casing list, date and time setter, extract which removes some text, extract between which keeps text at a certain place, formatter, move files and folders which moves files/folders to another location, remove duplicate characters, remove parenthesis, remove from list, separate capitalized text which adds a space after a capitalized word, and token mover which moves the separated text to another location. Like on the basic filter each one gives you options to change when selected.

After you have set up what you need, File Renamer Turbo renames the files quickly and there’s not too much wait and you can see the change almost instantly depending on the filters you have selected File Renamer Turbo to do. If after you have finished and you would regularly use the filters you selected, File Renamer Turbo has an option to create a batch file which you can have in the command line which will rename the files with the filters so that you don’t have to open the program up when searching through your files. The options menu from tab gives you basic options which give you the selection when adding folder contents, display of the type of graphic style of the program, shell context menu when you right click on files, and filter settings.

Thoughts and Conclusion

File Renamer Turbo is a great way to rename numerous files which can take you longer to do if rename them separately. You mostly see the results instantly which are good when you don’t want to wait for it to be done. Let’s you save the presets of what filters you have used so you don’t have to do them over if it’s something you would do regularly, plus a way to create a batch file to rename files by just right click. If you are one of those that have many files, which regularly need renaming the File Renamer Turbo is a great tool to use.

Reviewed by lmanlo


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