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| June 17, 2012

These days everyone is aware of what PDF is for those who really don’t know what it is PDF represents Portable Document Format, a commonly used file format these days. PDF’s are very commonly used for many purposes because of its portable nature and customisability. Now a day’s use of Flash content is increased as compared to a year back. Now flash is everywhere and commonly used by every computer user. PDF documents too can be converted into flash flipbooks by using any of the software available in the market. There are lots of programs and apps available in the market for converting PDF to flipbooks or vice versa. Some of these program/apps are free others are commercial programs.

One of best in its kind is Flip PDF Professional, it’s a try before you buy product so I tried it for 3 days and created about 20 flipbooks, and found that it has low conversion time and high quality as compared to some other products of same type. It supports background image and sound, it also support embedding Video, audio and links into flipbooks. User can choose flipbook design from a collection of templates and themes. User can create highly customisable flip-books because of so many advance features and user can choose output flipbook from any of four (Html, Zip, Exe and App) formats. The GUI (Graphical User Interface) of Flip PDF Professional is very simple yet loaded with powerful highly customisable options which even a novice user can understand. The installation process is easy too and takes less than 20 seconds.

Now let me explain main features of Flip PDF Professional:

After installation when program starts first time it ask for a key to register, don’t worry if you don’t have a key I already told it’s a try before you buy product. Just hit Try button if you want to try it.

Now let’s come to GUI of Flip PDF Professional,

GUI of Flip PDF Professional has two toolbars on the top. First have dropdown menus and second have buttons (shortcuts to most important functions of program from dropdown menus for easy and fast access).

First toolbar have five dropdown menus, each consist of different set of options for advance functionality. Below I’ll explain each dropdown menu with its options in detail.


File: This dropdown menu has ten options as under.

Import PDF: User can start a new project by importing PDF file in Flip PDF Professional from the hard disk.

Edit Page: When user selects this option a Flip Page editor loads on screen where user can customize flipbook with lots of options. User can Insert Links, Movies, Images, Sounds, Flash objects, Buttons, YouTube Videos and printable areas. User can delete selected Object, can redo/undo actions. User can move page up and down, can copy/paste content, can delete page and can also add as many pages as needed.

Open the Project from Output Folder: This option has a syntax incorrect bug which I reported. Because of the bug I was unable to access it and hence can’t say anything about it.

Open the Project:  User can open a project after finalising it for improvements by using this option.

Save Project as: User can save project in other formats by using this option.

Export current settings as theme: User can save settings as theme and use them in future.

Import theme: User can Import theme saved in past for quick start by using this option.

Export Page Info: User can export page info as a file which can be imported back

Import Page Info: User can import page info file by using this option.

Exit: This option will close the program.


Convert: This dropdown menu has two options as below.

Convert to Flip Book: User can convert preview into flipbook by using this option.

Batch Convert:User can add files and folders for batch conversion and can merge all data into one file by using this option. User can set customise name, output folder output file type (html, zip, exe, app) and can select mobile version template. User can select Page quality and size, can choose between all pages and custom range for conversion. User can add a customized watermark (stamp).User can import bookmarks, links and can enable search.


Options: This dropdown menu has three options as below.

Flash Language: User can select one or more languages for the flipbook by using this option. User can also change the labels individually.

Flash Security: User can set a password for the flipbook, without entering password no one can see the content of flipbook. It also has the option of excluding page from password protection.

Application Option:  User can select default render engine from different rendering engines for conversion. Each engine has its own plus points and drawbacks.


Online: This dropdown menu has four options as below.

Upload Online: User can upload flipbooks to official website servers and can share them with anyone. User needs a account on Flipbuilder.com for uploading flipbooks.(remember it’s a pay per month service)

Upload Book From Directory:  User can upload flipbooks from directory(needs a account on flipbuilder.com for uploading)

Book Management: User can manage uploaded flipbooks by selecting this option.

Disable Auto Login: User can disable auto login on flipbuilder.com account when program start.


Help: This dropdown menu has four options as below.

Help: User can access help manual by selecting this option.

Command Line Usage:  User can access Flipbook command line usage file by selecting this option. This file has all the commands user can use while working on Flip PDF Professional on command line.

About: User can check details of program (version, registration status, etc) by selecting this option. It’ll show registration window if program is unregistered.

Contact Us: On selecting this option a webpage opens in default browser which shows company’s contact information (Head office address and email address to technical support team).

Now let’s come to second toolbar:

Second toolbar is consist of 6 buttons (shortcuts to important program functions). I’ll explain them one by one below.

Import PDF:  By selecting this button User can import pdf files from hard disk. User can also access this option from dropdown menu File.

Edit Page:  User can customize any page of flipbook by clicking on this button. User can also access this option from dropdown menu File.

Apply Change:  User can apply changes to flipbook by clicking on this button. Once changes applied undo option cannot revert the change.

Convert to Flipbook: User can convert the preview into flipbook by clicking on this button. User can also access this option from dropdown menu Convert.

Upload Online: User can upload flipbook online directly from the program (needs an account on Flipbuilder.com). User can also access this option from dropdown menu Online.

Batch Convert: User can convert files and folders in batch. User can also access this option from dropdown menu Convert.

GUI of Flip PDF Professional also has a Preview pan where user can check Flipbook progress and can decide about what changes are needed for final product. User can design flipbook by adjusting design setting which can be found at the left of the preview pan. User can also bookmark pages with name and page number, can adjust them as per needs and can export/import them also.


Conclusion: Flip PDF Professional is an all in all solution for creating Flipbooks from PDF documents. It has so many advance features and settings, still it is so user friendly even a novice user can create fully customised flipbooks in first try. It is a simple and powerful program because of its user-friendly interface and options. What I like most about this product is, we only need to buy it one time and all the future updates are free as per vendor’s claims. It is free for try and anyone can try it without any limitation, only a watermark displays on the flipbook when a unregistered program creates flipbook which doesn’t affect functionality of program. Giving it a try will not cost anyone a single buck so why don’t try and experience it yourself as self experience is better than any review. I am sure you’ll find it easy to use and useful in some ways or other. Thanks for reading and I hope you’ll give it a try as it is worth trying.

Reviewed by Sahil


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