[Contest] Furk.net Premium Accounts [Forum Exclusive]

| May 19, 2013

Furk.net provides you ways to fetch and store media files that you can stream from sources like PC, Smartphone, HTPC and Console. Gives you an almost unlimited storage depending if your files are from public sources. This comes in handy if you have many music files that you want to stream to your smartphone without needing to fill up the space on your phone.


Furk.net interface is easy to maneuver which is basic but useful for what it provides. When you start up, you start up on the my files where you can add a new source, see your active downloads and view finished. You can also view the deleted files but that would only last until the space is retaken.

When adding a file to Furk.net, the speeds are quick but depends on the seeding. But on my test this has downloaded those that others would not. It also provides you an easy to view bandwidth usage on the settings to view how much you downloaded during the month. It comes in handy while monitoring how much you downloaded and how much bandwidth still left for the month. Regular maintenance is one of the highlights of this service. It helps to keep the service always up and in good shape.

After adding a file to your account, you can download it to your computer, stream it through VLC, XBMC, Consoles, etc. Supports many video formats which can be played on your devices. You can also convert the files to iPhone/Smartphone format to be playable if in case your smartphone doesn’t support the file. There’s pretty good instructions on the plugins for VLC and XBMC and when you play the files through the sources its quite good actually. There’s no lag or problems while streaming files and that is another good feature of this service.

Thoughts and Conclusion

Furk.net is a personal secure storage and provides a great way to fetch media files and stream them immediately. It gives you various streaming options or can download if needed. The download speeds are quite good and downloads most of where others won’t. Almost unlimited storage just make sure file is from public source. Give the service a try which include free trial through invites. You can visit www.furk.net to learn more.

Reviewed by LMANLO



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