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| April 18, 2012

To have a good backup program is very essential for every computer user because it is like a fireproof safe for computer security. If you do not backup your data periodically you make a big mistake. Unfortunately many people know everything about the importance of backup but they do not use it and remember of its existence only then when it is too late. You can easily lose your important data: your hard drive may suddenly break, a virus can damage everything on your computer or simply you might accidentally delete all necessary and important data, etc. As a result your valuable data can be lost forever. But if you have a backup copy of your data you will be able to restore it and save your precious files, photos, and many other documents. More than that, the backup will be useful not only in critical situations, but also when you decide to upgrade the old computer to the new one. Using a backup you can restore all your documents and transfer them to the new computer. The backup is also very useful if you decide to install new hardware on your computer. Shortly saying a good backup program is as important for every computer as a good antivirus.

If you are looking for a great backup program that has everything for easy backup and restore, you are in a right place because I want to present it now. And the name of this program is Genie Timeline Professional 2012. It is worth mentioning that many big companies use it as a default backup program, for example Siemens, NEC and Philips. It goes without saying that it has everything not only for ordinary PC users but also for IT professionals. Genie performs any backup tasks without any efforts. Its interface is simply outstanding and very configurable. You can configure it very easily for your needs, and the program will do the rest for you. Genie Timeline is a very simple and perfect solution for Windows users. It gives them completely new, easy and convenient way for real-time data protection. In just three steps you can set up your backup and forget all problems forever.

Genie Timeline 2012 has just released. I can say for sure that the company (it was founded in 2001) presented to the world auditory completely new and multi-functional solution for safe data security.  This new version has very attractive and beautiful interface in the style of metro which simplifies every step of backup. The installation process is very easy and rather quick. After completing it you need to specify a backup location (of course you can select, for example, local computer disc or external disk). After that a new screen will open “ Smart Selection” which allows you in a few clicks to select those file categories that you want to back up ( for example, office files, bookmarks, video files and images, etc. ). But you can also to include in the backup other files and folders. All other steps program will do itself without user intervention.

Genie Timeline has many great features, but it is not possible to describe all of them in this short review; I will try describe some of the important features:

1. Incremental backup: Genie timeline 2012 can back up only new and changed files and it is very significant because you can save time and disk space of your hard disk.

2. Genie Timeline’s IntelliCDP (Intelligent Data protection) – this is an innovation of Genie Timeline. The program backs up different types of files with various frequencies (for example backups of Office documents are made oftener than other files) by the mean of special technology called CDP. You can also set up such intellectual backups manually.

3. Timeline explorer- it is another great new feature of this program. This function makes the search and recovery very easy. You can directly drag files in windows Explorer and choose desired date and thus go back in time and view a particular file. You can also know everything about this file and changes. It is something like Time machine, and it is very comfortable and cool.

4. You can specify certain folders and files that will be constantly monitored for changes or select a group of files (for example, image files, etc.) which will be backed up regardless where they are located.

5. Genie Timeline can work with external drives very smoothly. It automatically detects the connection and disconnection of a disk or flash drive. The program instantly recognizes them and begins backup process. You can even unplug external drives, but as soon as you plug them again the program immediately continues the backup process.

6. Genie Timeline has two modes: Smart Mode and Turbo Mode. During Smart Mode performs in background. The program automatically chooses optimal backup speed depending on the current CPU load.  During Turbo Mode the data is copied at the maximum speed. Genie Timeline can automatically select the optimal mode.

7. Genie timeline has a very useful feature called No-Backup Zone. You can put into this zone files and folders which you do not want to back up.

8. Genie Timeline integrates itself into Windows. You can add folders and files to backup and view everything about them just by clicking right mouse button. All files are marked with red, yellow and green colors. Red color= file not yet saved, yellow= changed file after backup, green= the current backup file matches saved one.

9. Native Backup is a special feature of Genie Timeline which allows keeps files and folders without compression which allows you to access them from any computer without installing the program.

Of course Genie Timeline has other many amazing features. We only touched the most common and essential. I can say without exaggeration that Genie Timeline is a perfect backup program for every user. It is must for everyone who wants to keep his data safe. This program has all the features which will make very unpleasant and routine task very comfortable and pleasant. Try its outstanding features and I am sure you will like it. Thanks a lot Genie for giving us such a useful tool.

Reviewed by Malkhaz


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