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| April 8, 2013

Backing up your files and computer is something you would come to need. Due to problems that can occur it is good to have a backup plan and be able to restore what you have. Genie Timeline Professional 2013 comes in with a way to backup what you need and keep everything synchronized. It is an easy to use backup program which when set up you can just leave it to keep your computer backed up without much interference from you.



Installation is normal with the welcome, license agreement, location, and installation. After installing and start the program, you will come up with the setup of Genie Timeline Professional 2013. The setup wizard only has 3 steps to configure Genie Timeline Professional 2013, the first step is to select the backup drive which you’ll have to have connected for it to be used.


The second step is to select the data which Genie Timeline Professional 2013 gives you some options to choose from, the first is to select a category of the type of files you want to choose. The second option is to choose from selected folders from your hard drive.


The third step is to select the options if you want to password protect the backup, how to compress, etc. Which after selecting this options, Genie Timeline Professional 2013 should start backing up your files.



Genie Timeline Professional 2013 interface has the new modern (metro) view, the view shows you what you need to know and what you can do. The main section will have the status of the backups, when was the last backup done, when the next backup is and when it started. At the bottom you can restore using a timeline view, an advanced restore or disaster recovery. You can also manage the backup by modifying the data, change drive, or start a new backup. The tools lets you enter to the settings, create a recovery startup disk, and see the product info. The top lets you search the backups and also enter to the settings.


Genie Timeline Professional 2013 backs up your system to what you have selected, the first backup can take a bit of time but after that it should keep your backups up to date depending on the settings you configured. When computer is running it will run normal and would not try to consume much memory but when the computer is idle it would start up the turbo mode which backups up your computer quicker than a normal backup. You have the option to also remove deleted files from the backup if in case you also don’t want to keep that file backed up.

Genie Timeline Professional 2013 makes it easy to restore your files which you have 3 options. The first option is the timeline view which opens up a windows explorer showing a timeline view of what was backed up and you can select the day and time the backup was with the timeline near the top. The second option is the advanced restore which lets you browse through the Genie Timeline Professional 2013 interface. The last is the disaster recovery, if you have selected that option when you setup the backup you can recover your system to a time before you lost your system. The disaster recovery is a last resort if something goes wrong on your PC and have to recover from an unknown problem.


The settings lets you customize the settings of Genie Timeline Professional 2013, the first section of the settings gives you the options to set up the file retention size, power saving mode and a game/movie mode which would pause the backups. You can also customize the schedule of the backups, you can use the Genie Timline’s IntelliCDP which will back up the files if it detects a change of name and size. The next ones is by interval and a scheduled time. You also are able to get notifications to your email if an error occurs or if you want a weekly summary. The advanced settings lets you set on when to perform a full scan and when to perform a disaster recovery partitions. Also if you want to have file deduplication to only backup one copy of duplicate files and delay the time Genie Timeline Professional 2013 starts up on system boot. You also are able to download an app for your iPhone or iPad which lets you see your protection status and monitor your backups.


Thoughts and Conclusion

            Genie Timeline Professional 2013 is a good backup utility which having a utility or doing backups is something good to do. You never know what can happen and you don’t really want to lose what you have done and have to start over or redo everything. Genie Timeline Professional 2013 gives you a easy to use interface with some new enhancements that lets you backup what you want to back up and how you want it backed up. The ability to delay service start is a great to have as you don’t really have to worry that Genie Timeline Professional 2013 would delay your start up and can start up later after everything else has started.

You can give Genie Timeline Professional 2013 a try at http://www.genie9.com/Business/Genie_Timeline_Pro/overview.aspx

Reviewer: LMANLO

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