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| May 13, 2012

Handy Backup Professional is a great and effective program for backing up all your files. By the help of this program you can easily back up files and folders and create a disk image, etc. The program supports all media types including DVD, USB, Blu-ray, etc. and works on all edition of Windows from Windows 2000 to Windows 7. It is very light on system resources: you need only 25MB of free space and 128MB of RAM. Their support team is very friendly. You can always find a solution of your problems.

If you are looking for a good, simple and easy program which can back up and restore all your files with a few mouse clicks, you are at the right place! Handy Backup Professional has all these features, and, of course, many others. It is one of the best programs for backing up now.

The installation process is very easy and quick. During the installation you can select the preferred option: Handy Backup Option (if you want to back up a single PC), Handy Backup Server (if you want to back up multiple computers over the network) and Backup Network Workstation (if you want to back up your computer with Backup server). That’s all. After several mouse clicks the program is ready for using. Handy Backup is fully functional for 30 days.

The program’s interface is very easy for understanding and attractive. It has not got anything unneeded, but only practical and needful. At the first start, Startup Wizard helps you to set up your preferred backup and restore methods. For example, you can store your backups online, on your computer or on USB disk, etc. Main interface consists of eight control buttons. You can perform any backup and restore tasks using these buttons.

The first button (New Task- hotkey Ctrl+N) allows you to create a new backup, restore a saved backup or synchronize existing backup tasks. Let me to describe backup and restore process more fully because they are very essential and the main goal of this program.  The backup is very easy and can be performed with eight mouse clicks. After clicking on the button New Task, the new window will appear which helps you to create a new backup.

The second step: you can choose any files or folders for backing up or simply drag them into the backup window.

The third step: after that you can choose the destination folder or create a new one.

The fourth step: allows you to choose one of the three backup options: 1) Full backup (all files will be saved),2) Incremental backup (only newly added files will be saved to previous backup), or Differential Backup ( will be saved changes since creating full backup).

The fifth step: allows you to compress your backup (you can compress all files into a single zip file or create a separate zip file for each file) and encrypt it by a strong password.

The sixth step: allows you to set up schedule task for your backup. You can run the backup at specified time, for example, every day, every month, etc.

The seventh step: It allows you to perform several additional tasks: run a program before running a task, etc.

That’s all, you are done. Now simply choose the name of your backup and click finish. All your files are now safe and can be easily restored at any time. You can see from the screenshot below that I have created my backup without any problems.

The restore process is practically the same. All you need is to choose restore option, specify backup file, select restore location, choose full restore or incremental, set up time schedule. That’s all. All your files, folders, etc. will be restored in a couple of minutes.

Other control buttons from the second to the sixth are created for performing one single task. They are: 1)Execute Selected tasks-hotkey Ctrl+F5, 2) Restore Selected tasks, 3) Stop operating on selected tasks-hotkey Esc, 5) Task Properties-hotkey Alt+Enter, 6) Delete selected tasks-hotkey Del. By the help of the seventh button called Settings you can set up several functions of the program, for example, log settings, proxy settings, etc.

Handy backup professional has a very useful and important tool called Recovery drive. It extends the program’s usefulness very much because it creates a new and unique layer of your backup safety. Using this tool you can easily set up your external USB drive and backup all your important data and transfer them into it. It is very useful in the time of disaster because you can without any efforts restore all your files. All you need is a USB drive.

It is very difficult, more than that, it is impossible to describe all the features of this great program in a short review. I tried simply to show you how useful and priceless it is. Below I will briefly describe all the important features of it.

1. Very small installer- just about 20MB

2. Very light on system resources

3. Supports all operating systems from Windows 2000 to Windows 7

4. Multilanguage- 24 languages

5. Very good support team.

6. Supports a lot of storage devices

7. It has many useful plugins which extend program’s functionality, for example, Mozilla Thunderbird, Mozilla Firefox, Adobe Photoshop, and many more

8. It can create the full image of entire hard disk

9. It can create full Windows backup

10. Very easy and comfortable backup of any files, folders, mails, programs, registry and web sites

11. You can back up your files to any optical media CD, DVD, Blu-ray

12. The ability to back up to an online server

13. You can run the program as Windows service

And many others

Handy Backup Professional is a very good and useful program for performing any types of backup. It will be useful to everybody who cares about the safety of their important data. This program will help them to set up all important tasks and keep all the data safe forever. So if you want to avoid losing all your valuable files, this program is just for you!

Reviewed by Malkhaz


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