[Contest] Handy Backup Home Standard [Forum Exclusive]

| February 20, 2013

Need a very handy backup program, Handy Backup does a good job at backing up your whole computer. Handy Backup can create a full incremental, differential, and mirror backups which you can back up to different types of media from hard drive, disk, online, etc. Gives you an easy to use interface and you’ll be sure that you won’t lose your files if set up properly. If you are moving to Windows 8, Handy Backup works good and no need to worry about compatible with or problems when going to Windows 8.


Installation is a regular installation with welcome screen, license agreement, what installation type you want, and install. When the program first starts it’ll start with the selection of the backup source and select what you want to back up which lets you choose to back up now or later.


Handy Backup interface is easy to use and easy to set up and just leave it be. You can set up your backups and have it on a schedule to back up when you like. If you set it up at beginning you will have the specified list which it helped you select at beginning giving you an easy way to backup, you can also create your tasks or edit the properties of the tasks. When you edit the properties of each task or creating a new one you can select the folder or selection of what you want to back up on that task and specify the schedule so let’s say you like to backup frequently your documents you’ll set up the backup to every day or when you logoff. Also if there’s a task like videos that you do but rarely have some as example, you don’t have to backup frequently so computer usage does not run so you can program it later. Handy Backup is very customizable but easy to use and maneuver around. Scheduling your task could make it easy to backup when the time comes and no need to worry about loss of data. Handy Backup lets you backup email from MS Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird, AOL, Yahoo instant messengers, ACDSee, Mozilla Firefox, Winamp settings, documents folder, and windows registry.

Handy Backup gives you various options to backup to different media from hard drive, Amazon S3 Cloud, Box, FTP Locations, WebDAV which you can back up the special services like Box, Dropbox, Yandex disk, and more which this helps from having to worry on where you can or cannot save your backups. WebDAV services is free with the Handy Backup Home Standard, Pro, and Server and is able to backup to online services keeping your data protected from local disasters. Also if you want you can protect your backups with 128 bit-encryption password. After everything is backed up and you need to access your backups you’re able to access them easily and you can browse as browsing the windows explorer and if needed to do a restore of files you are able to do a selective restore or schedule the restore so it’s done at a time you are not using your computer.

Thoughts and Conclusion

Handy Backup is a very handy software to have, you’ll have your backups done and saved in the location you want and won’t need to worry on time you have to run the backups as it is easy to set up a schedule for the specific backup tasks. Has plenty of sources that you can back up to and backs up what you need and want to back up. Interface is easy to use and works on all Windows including Windows 8 and also backs up Linux machines. Try it out at www.handybackup.net. You can learn more about WebDAV: http://www.handybackup.net/webdav-backup.shtml

Reviewed by lmanlo

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