[Contest] Hard Disk Sentinel Professional

| October 7, 2014

Hard Disk Sentinel Pro is a useful utility for checking your Hard drives status and see if it’s performing at peak performance, if cooling is good, or seeing the health of the hard drive. Information you need is easily shown with a good overview of your hard drive and tabs showing you more specifics on the hard drive. Hard Disk Sentinel Pro has improved in its recent release with more better system overview and added faster testing of your disk from the short test to full surface test.

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Hard Disk Sentinel Pro is able to be used as a portable version where no installation is required which can come in handy if you have many computers or don’t want to have too much installed software if you only using an SSD.


Hard Disk Sentinel Pro Interface gives you good information on what’s going on with your hard drives and what you’ll want to know. When starting up you’ll come with main overview which will show you an overview if hard drive performance/health is excellent, what actions it suggest if there’s something wrong, how long your computer been up and a health percentage bar while it shows you the connected hard drives and space on the left hand side. The next tab shows you the temperature of your drive were you can see the current, average, maximum, and minimum of drive(s). With also showing you temperature of lifespan. Gives you info on the status and a graph to see the usage and how it does. If in case you need to you can custom the max or min so if in case you want to be notified if it gets to a certain temperature.


Hard Disk Sentinel Pro lets you see the S.M.A.R.T. information and gives you a status while at bottom it’ll show you the raw read error rate graph. The information tab gives you the specifics of the hard drive and all the information you’ll like to know about what your hard drive is capable. If a problem, usually you could go to the log/alerts and see what and when it was caused and know what to do to make sure your data is backed up if something serious. You are also able to select email alerts which you can get an email if in case something happened if you have many computers and want to know when something is wrong when you’re not there. The Disk Performance is a good place to see if your disk is performing well and if you are seeing the read/write rate as you would hope.


Hard Disk Sentinel Pro comes with various ways to test your hard drives with short/extended self-test, random seek test, online warranty check, surface test, hard disk test, and advanced power management which seems to be standard selection until system supports free-fall control and acoustic management configuration. This has been improved and scanning time is better than past versions. The surface test lets you test for bad sectors and has different types of test some are non-destructive and some are which will erase your data.



The Read test is a non-destructive which data will be safe while the write-test, write and read test and reinitialize disk surface are all destructive test while the read and write test just refreshes data section. The destructive test usually good to do it when nothing is on or if you want to confirm and have backups in place.


Hard Disk Sentinel Pro configuration is very detailed and you are able to set, change, and have Hard Disk Sentinel Pro check what you need. You are able to select the Hard disk drives you want to check on main screen and what to display on taskbar tray. You can have Hard Disk Sentinel Pro to start up on windows and what to display from temperature units to size units. The status window and thresholds/tray icon is where you’ll select the color you want depending on the status of hard drives. The alerts is where you’ll set up when to alert you when it gets below a certain percentage or failure expected, etc. The message and email configuration is where you’ll set up you email and how/what it will send you when email is send. Advanced options gives you options on what to do when it starts on windows, synchronization of clock and detection frequency. Disk control lets you modify how it shows and you can set it up so that it’ll modify default icons on Windows Explorer and will show the Hard Disk Sentinel Pro icons and information. There are more options from screenshot and more info that you can change on Hard Disk Sentinel Pro which could keep you informed well of your hard drives without missing anything or know when to backup.


Thoughts & Conclusion

Hard Disk Sentinel Pro is a very good hard drive information tool which keeps you informed of the status of your hard drive with very good detail of what’s going on. With the new improvements lets you view your detail hard drives including SSD without problems making sure they are running in good performance. Many ways to get an alert if problems occur or expected to occur. Gives you ways to test out your hard drives before something happens and you get good info.

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Reviewer: LMANLO

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2. [Contest] Hard Disk Sentinel Professional

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