[Contest] HitmanPro [Forum exclusive]

| March 28, 2012

HitmanPro uses 5 antivirus engines (IKARUS, Emsisoft, Dr.Web, Prevx, G Data) to scan for infected items. While scanning if something suspicious is found then that file is uploaded on the scan cloud. There it gets scanned by multiple antivirus engines to check whether the file is really safe or malicious. Once the file is classified as malicious then the Hitman Pro client places it on quarantine. It uses various techniques to make sure that all infections are completely removed.

Little more about Hitman Pro:

By now most of you must be thinking how is Hitman Pro is different from the other on demand malware scanners. So without much delay let me throw some light on it. Hitman Pro is world’s only on-demand behavioral scanner. It is a cloud based scanner which protect against malicious threats. It uses multiple antivirus engines for accurate detections and maximum protection. The good thing about it is it doesn’t conflict with any other security suits that is already
installed on your system.

Interface, Settings and Scan:

The interface is quite simple and so are the settings. There is nothing complicated to make users uncomfortable. All in all it’s an easy to use and novice friendly application.

The scan was pretty quick and it took about 3 minutes to complete the scan. While scanning, I never felt any kind of slowdown. It is very light on resource also. As expected it never found out any malicious stuff except few tracking cookies, but that because I don’t have anything malicious on my system.


1. Multiple antivirus engines provide accurate detections and maximum protection.
2. Cloud scanner, so no need of regular virus definitions updates.
3. Light on resource.
4. Scan time is pretty low.
5. No need for installation can be run from a USB drive, CD/DVD or portable harddrives.

1. Cloud scanner, so requires an internet connection to work.
2. No options for a deep scan.

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