[Contest] Kakasoft USB Security [Forum Exclusive]

| October 29, 2012

Need a very good USB security, Kakasoft USB Security does a very good job at protecting your USB. Kakasoft USB Security protects your USB with AES 256 bit encryption and ensures that your drive is secure. When unlock you can add you files on the drive and when it is locked nobody will be able to see what is on the drive and ensuring you that it can’t be used without the correct password. The Kakasoft USB Security will work on any storage device including USB, memory card/stick, external hard drive and more.


Installation is easy to install, you’ll start the installation select the drive you want it to install and it will install on the drive. After installation you’ll open up the USB security and set up the password and password reminder.


Kakasoft USB Security is an easy to use and interface is straight forward that you don’t need to know much to be able to use it. It gives you a one click protection which recommended to remember the password as it’ll be hard to recover if you forgot the password and USB won’t be able to be used. Now that’s out of the way, when you want to see the protected files or unprotect the drive you have two options, one is to open the drive in a virtual drive without extracting files and works quite well. You’ll be able to access your files as normal and you won’t need to worry about leaving a trace behind if using a public computer. After you finish using the virtual drive you’ll just click on done and drive will be protected but recommend closing files first.

The second option is to unprotect the drive, that will unprotect it and you’ll be able to add files for protection and be able to use it as normal without protection. Then after you finish you manually will have to protect the files again by selecting the re-protect but recommend not letting anyone use the computer while it is unprotected due to having the uninstall button beside the re-protect. You’ll also be able to change your password again after you select the re-protected. On the settings tab you’re able to change your password, enable autoplay for the device, enable USB security on autoplay and change the drive icon. This is able to be opened up and changed before unprotecting your drive but password can’t be changed without current password.


Thoughts and Conclusion

Kakasoft USB Security is an easy to use USB Security software that does work. From test you’re not able to get in and see any of the files you have on the drive. Kakasoft USB Security works fast and no need to wait for it to load up, it is mostly meant to use the Virtual drive when you are out and use the unprotected when you are on your own computer due to the easiness of changing password and uninstalling. The upright is that the virtual drive works fast and works like you were on the regular drive.  I find this to be real useful if you carry your drive with important information that you don’t want’ nobody else to get their hands on if in case you forget the drive or something happens to it. You can give it a try with the free trial at http://www.kakasoft.com/usb-security.

Reviewed by lmanlo


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