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| October 10, 2012

Nowadays we all have multiple email accounts, social networking sites, and forums, cloud storage accounts, etc. All this boils down to multiple passwords, and hence a security threat. How? Because it is not so easy to remember number of passwords, most of us would drill down to either an easy or same password. Right??

Life would be much easier to have only to remember just one master password, and enjoy auto-fill logins, protection against digital identity theft, keyloggers and hackers.

Is there something to ease our lives? Answer is yes. A utility that does the magic – called Kaspersky Password Manager.

Kaspersky is a pioneer in internet security products that consistently outperforms their competitors. Having used and reviewed Kaspersky security product I recently got a chance to review another Kaspersky product called “Kaspersky Password Manager”. Thanks to Kaspersky Labs and my friend/forum-member Mike to give me an opportunity for this review, and also a giveaway for all Tipradar members.





Kaspersky Password Manager (KPM) is multifaceted and functions much more than a mere password manager. It helps create complex and difficult passwords to hack, bypasses keyloggers and phishing attempts to help keep your passwords and personal information secure. It also helps with automatic filling of forms and cleverly manages more than one account per URL/site.

Additionally, it provides you with multiple authentication methods such as master password, flash drive or Bluetooth device like your mobile phone. You can also carry your password vault with you on a flash drive owing to portability of KPM.

Key Features

  1. Secures passwords and personal data in an encrypted vault
  2. Generates random, strong passwords that are nearly impossible to crack
  3. Virtual Keyboard uses mouse-clicks instead of traceable key strokes
  4. Extremely convenient with only one master password for you to remember
  5. Automatically completes log-ins and long web forms
  6. Portable version can be saved to a flash drive and safely used on multiple PCs


The installation is a piece of cake and takes less than 6 seconds. Soon after installation it opens Configuration Wizard to have you set master password, select authorization method and set lockout time interval.

User Interface (GUI) 

The user interface is clean, simple, soothing to eyes and easy to use. Though it appears to be too plain, the product’s functionality is entirely integrated into it.

Browser Support and Import/Export feature

You can import existing passwords from web browsers, email clients, AI Roboform and KeePass. Similarly, you could also export your passwords to either protected/unprotected xml file. [KPM supports only 32-bit applications and browsers.]

Per the developer following is the list of supported Web Browsers:

  1. Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 – 9.0
  2. Mozilla Firefox 2.x, 3.x, 4.x, 5.x – 15.x
  3. Google Chrome 6.0, 10.x – 20.x
  4. Maxthon 2.5.x
  5. Flock 2.х
  6. Seamonkey 2.12

I hope Kaspersky would also include Opera to the list of supported browsers.


You can connect your browser(s) to KPM so that it will automatically detect signups and logins on websites and would offer you to add them to the password database. For example, if you sign up for Youtube, Vimeo or Hulu, the password manager will ask you if you want to add the login information to the database. If you allow, it will add the URL along with your username and password in the database.

Accounts can also be added manually or by importing as discussed above. Once an account is added it mere takes one-click to login.

Another interesting option is that KPM keeps track of frequently used logins/passwords. These logins are then displayed conveniently in both context menus (in the browser and system tray) for quick access.

KPM also helps you manage multiple accounts easily. For example, if you have a personal and a business Facebook account, you just go to the Facebook login page and then click the small key shaped icon in the browser toolbar/title bar (as shown in the above image). This will give you access to all the login profiles you have for Facebook login page (or the URL). Then you can easily choose which Facebook account you want to log in to.

KPM also lets you organize your saved logins into groups using simple drag and drop. You can even nest groups as required. Each group then becomes a submenu in the main menu. Additionally, a search box at the top-right of the window helps you find an account, with ease.

Password Generator

The tray right-click menu links to the built-in password manager. Using it you can generate secure passwords according to your specifications. For example, you can create a 50 character password with upper/lower case letters, numbers and your selected special symbols. Once generated, passwords are automatically copied to the clipboard.


KPM also has an option to create a portable version. Using this option (from tray icon right-click) you can save your password vault to a flash drive and enjoy access to it while on the go. As soon as you remove the flash drive from the host computer, the password vault gets locked automatically and all traces of your password data on the host machine are removed.


Kaspersky is a leader in the internet security arena. The company has used its internet security experience to provide us a very secure password manager that completely encrypts sensitive information. KPM provides effective against keyloggers through one-click logins and a Virtual keyboard for manually entering master password and other personal information. This way you wouldn’t require using keystrokes to enter information.

KPM also effectively protects you from phishing attacks by ensuring that the site/URL is genuine and authentic before it enters your login information on to the website.

Simple Form Fill-In and Identity

Along with providing basic and extended functionalities of a password manager, KPM can also fill Web forms with other kinds of personal information such as your full name, date of birth, gender, email address, mailing address, phone number and so on. KPM helps you save time by automatically entering this information for you once you have created an “identity” by entering your personal data for any of the 42 fields. Note that as each identity can store details about only one credit card and one bank account, you would have to create more than one identity should in case you have more than one credit card and/or bank account.

Secure Memos 

You can also save your personal/private notes as Secure Memos. It includes a set of standard text editor tools to help you edit the text of Secure memo. By default KPM provides you with 10 pre-defined templates for notes, as shown below. There is also an option to save your own templates.


The benefits of using Kaspersky Password Manager are pretty obvious. It makes your life easier, organized and trouble free. From remembering complex passwords and site logins for URLs, managing your notes securely, protecting you from keyloggers and phishing attacks, providing secure storage, helping with identity management to filling lengthy forms, KPM is a one stop shop tool. It relieves you of some of the cumbersome routine tasks and provides you security from bad people for your personal data/memos/login credentials in a reliable, simple and convenient fashion.

You can access the 30-days trial version from the link below:


Reviewed by Grr


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