[Contest] Kaspersky PURE Total Security 2.0 for our blog

| July 12, 2012

I am sure that everybody knows everything about Swiss knives. They have so many tools and unique possibilities that you can perform any operations, for example, you can cut, saw, screw, and even eat and drink. But now let me introduce a “Swiss knife” of total computer security which gives users everything for keeping their PCs clean from all kind all malware- and the name of this excellent program is Kaspersky Pure 2.0. It belongs to must-have software because it provides the maximum protection. It consists not only of simple antivirus and firewall but also has a lot of other very useful tools such as backup, parental control, password manager, etc.

The interface of the program is very comfortable and well-organized. The central part of Kaspersky Pure is divided into three parts: 1) Backup and restore, 2) Computer protection and 3) Parental control.

Backup and restore allows you to back up all your important files. You can easily back up all files or choose, for example, only media files, images, documents, etc., and save them on any external drives or on internal ones. In case of disaster you can restore them without problems. Kaspersky Pure gives you opportunity to schedule your backup frequency. You can run it ,for example, every day, every month or every Friday or even select the exact time, for example 2.0AM, etc.

The next component of Kaspersky Pure is Computer Protection. Shortly saying it is a main component of the program because it contains all necessary tools for keeping computer safe from virus attack. It consists of five tabs: 1) Protection, 2) Scan, 3) Update, 4) Password and 5) Additional. The tab Protection consists of many tools for computer security. Kaspersky allows you easily configure optimal security for your computer. You can set up your preferred method of security. Thanks to Kaspersky developers they are very easy for understanding and using. You can protect your files, mails, web, etc.

The second Tab Scan allows you to perform the computer scanning. You can choose various methods: Full scan (scans the whole computer), Critical areas scan, Custom scan and Vulnerability scan (scans for vulnerabilities in the operating system).

The third tab Update gives all information about Kaspersky Cure updates and update signatures and database.

The fourth tab Password allows you to manage your identity protection settings. You can protect your backups, network and parental control by a strong password and so keep your files and other data safe.

The fifth tab Additional contains additional tools such as Battery savings (very important option for laptop and notebook users), Compatibility (by the help of this tool you can configure Kaspersky compatibility with other programs to avoid conflicts between them), Network (you can configure proxy and network traffic settings), Gaming Profile (very useful tool for game-addicted. It disables some Kaspersky features while you are playing).

All these security and additional tools help you to keep your computer safe.

The third component of Kaspersky Pure interface is Parental Control. It is very useful feature, of course, if you care of your children’s safety surfing on the Internet. You can also set the special time limits for using computer. By the help of this feature you may prohibit access to porno and other bad sites, file download from the Internet, etc.

Kaspersky Pure has some very useful additional features. You can access them from the main interface by clicking on the Additional tools. By the help of these tools you can perform the following actions: Kaspersky Rescue disk (allows you to create a special bootable disk or USB flash drive. It is very needful because gives you opportunity to access your computer if it is unbootable after hard virus attack. You may boot your Windows and heal your computer), File Shredder (this tool is intended for removing any information without the possibility of further recovery), Privacy Cleaner (This tool allows you to remove information about your activity, for example, clear browser cache, search history, etc.).

Kaspersky has a special in-built Virtual keyboard. It allows you to protect your computer from keyloggers.

The special tool Safe Run allows you to run any unknown applications isolated from the operating system to avoid virus infection. It is very useful because adds an additional layer of protection.

In general, Kaspersky Pure a great security program for everybody. It has a lot of useful security features and they provide the maximum and reliable protection (safe run, firewall, antispam, etc.) It has also many other additional set of tools such as Backup, Parental Control, data Encryption, Password Manager. Thanks to these features Kaspersky  Pure is the best security program now.

Reviewer: Sir William of Palerne

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