[Contest] Kepard Premium VPN

| April 9, 2013

Kepard VPN is a good VPN provider that provides you with free VPN that you can use for 30 minutes daily or you can get their premium accounts on a monthly basis, 3 months or 12 months with unlimited traffic, unrestrictive speeds, etc. Kepard VPN has an easy to use interface and you are able to connect to the VPNs easily.



            Installation is normal with the welcome screen, license agreement and installation. After you start Kepard VPN you will have to login in or create an account before you can start using Kepard VPN.


            Kepard VPN interface is easy with two sections the Connection and Settings. The connection is the main section where you can choose the location and turn on the VPN Service, you also are able to choose the IP to some selected ones that Kepard VPN provides to each location.


The settings is where you can change the protocol of the VPN and change the parameters, you can also select what to do when computer starts and what to do when program starts. Kepard VPN does provide an easy interface and keeps it directly to what it is meant to do.


When using Kepard VPN, the connections are quick and does not take too long to connect to a VPN and you should be able to start. On some test some connections was a bit slow compared to some other VPN Services but that was rare. Servers range from US, UK, NL, CAN, and DE with each a different IP address that you can choose. So the speeds has stayed or has been a bit below the normal Internet speeds from your IP Company.

Kepard VPN provides you with some helpful settings if you want to setup up some configurations manually and showing you the steps for the various operating systems. Also helps you out on setting it up on a mobile device.

Thoughts and Conclusion

Kepard VPN is a good VPN provider and can help in securely surf the internet. Kepard VPN gives you with the paid subscription an unlimited traffic, unrestrictive speeds, etc. The interface is easy to use and you can easily connect to the various VPNs that Kepard offers. Give Kepard VPN a try at http://www.kepard.com/.

Reviewer: LMANLO

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