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| December 19, 2013

An antivirus a firewall is enough for security?
Ans) = NO
We need something more which should be slightly different for antivirus and firewall so what should be that?

I am going to introduce the world famous VPN service provider Kepard.
We all are know now a day’s how much dangerous online work such as online banking, online payment etc, hackers every moment ready to save your username and password you could realize that by reading cyber attacks news on the internet every day account has hacked some world large servers likes Faceboook, Yahoo mail, gmail and etc, everyday thousand of account hacking by the cyber attacks.

Why Kepard VPN?

  • High level protection with L2TP/IP secure protocol
  • Lock your tunnel way while accessing account.
  • Securing you with up 256bit encryption method
  • Support all kinds of protecting VPN protocols.
  • Anonymously surf on the internet.
  • Support all kind of OS Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS,  Android.
  • Access blocks sites.
  • Connect from multiple locations at same time.
  • Switch to other protocol whenever you want.
    How VPN protect you from cyber attacks?


Server locations

  • UK
  • USA
  • Netherland
  • Canada
  • Germany

After you logged in you will see the main page of the application called “Connection”.  In the connection you can clearly see what service you’re using (Free or Premium) and when your subscription will be expired, which country you are connected, also can see you are connected or not if not so you can easily connect with one click of the switch after one click you will also switch and stick with other country and new IP address

If you click on the country flag from the connection then you will be switch to selection of different country servers


You can change VPN protocols from the setting page and choose desire protocol


From the protocol setting you just have to select which protocol you need not need to do additional setting from firewall or in antivirus


Kepard Servers

The user interface is very clean and easy to use all these servers is provided by Kepard you can easily select any location or multiple locations at a time  and each server has unique IP address
or you can switch to other server any time whenever you want.

If any hacker is tracking you with your IP address and you don’t know any one tracking your each step via IP address and when you will switch from one to other server of Kepard VPN but hacker can’t do this because he doesn’t know you switched to other server so all foot print has gone and you’re safe from hackers and you no one know that who’re you everyone know you were a anonymous.


Multiple IP address

Kepard provide multiple servers and multiple IP address for each server.


How IP addresses secure me?
The first step of hacker track your IP address

When you surf on the internet hacker tracks your IP address from IP address to mac ID
and mac ID to cache from cache to clipboard and your username and password has stolen.

If anyone tracked your IP address and you configure Kepard VPN change IP address after
10 min or you switched manually it would be very affected on the tracker

Payment method

The payment method is support Kepard is via PayPal of credit card such as: Master card or Visa card.
They offer 24 hours for free trial for the new users.


The Kepard  is overall superb service provider, who want to  keep safe, secure and secure access to their accounts I would like to prefer the strong and reliable service. Support is also very good and handling the customers is very friendly and you ask any whatever you want to ask.

For more information you can go direct to the official site: http://www.kepard.com/

Reviewer: mohammadwasi7861

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