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| February 13, 2013

Kvisoft Video Converter is an easy to use converter with many support for various formats. Can convert to popular media that could be played on the device you want. Program is compatible with Windows XP, Vista & 7 only. Kvisoft Video Converter gives you a way to enjoy your videos on whatever device you have without any problems.


Installation is normal without any extra add-ons, it starts with the welcome screen, license agreement, install location, install and finish. When the program starts it’ll ask you for

the key information or if you want to try it you can click on trial.


Kvisoft Video Converter interface is easy to use and understand, you are able to move around without problems. On top you’ll see your regular file menus plus the row where you can add files, remove, clip, edit and duplication. This are the main tabs where you’ll add, edit and remove a file, you can clip a video file if you want to separate the video if in case there’s 2 or more videos on one file or if you want to have two of one of the same file you can use the duplication.

There are plenty of supported files from audio and video, the common files are MP3, AC3, AAC, WMA, MOV, 3GP, MP4, WMV, MKV, AVI, etc. plus able to convert HD and SD and online Video from YouTube, Yahoo, etc. It also includes a DVD ripper which can encode a DVD files into various formats listed. You can then play the converted files depending on your conversion into any apple player, mobile phones, game hardware, DVD players that support only a specific format, etc.

Kvisoft Video Converter gives you a way to personalize your videos giving you the options to clip a video into shorter segments or separate a videos that are on one file. It also offers an ease to cropping a video from parts that you don’t want it to play and if sharing the file you can watermark the video which lets you protect or let your brand be noticed. Kvisoft Video Converter also includes a video effect which lets you change the resolution, contrast, brightness,

saturation, etc.

Thoughts and Conclusion

Kvisoft Video Converter is a good converter but hoping that it gets updated so that it can work with more OS as due to only being able to be used only on Windows XP, Vista & 7 it gives those that upgraded to Windows 8 be un-useful. Until that is done this could be a great program to have as this combines a DVD ripper and a Video Conversion into a one program and no need to worry about using 2 programs. So give it a try at http://www.kvisoft.com/video-converter/

Reviewed by: lmanlo

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