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| August 25, 2011

We all know security is directly proportional to the complexity of the password used. In layman’s term, more the complexity of the password greater is the security. The above statement is absolutely true, but we should not forget that the complexity of the password is also directly proportional to difficulty of remembering them. So basically as you increase the complexity of the password, your security will increase but at the same time it will be difficult for you to remember them.

As a result what many individuals do is either use a common password or to remember them they just note it down on their notepad. To avoid such blunders now we get many password managers. They help us to remember the passwords and securely store them so that it doesn’t get into wrong hands.

Today I will write about once such password manager called Lastpass. I believe it is the best password manager and hopefully after reading this article you will also start to believe the same.

Lastpass- Description & Features

As we are introduced to new sites and technologies our password stack is also kept increasing every day. Passwords from your email accounts, various social networks like facebook and twitter, bank accounts are notable few. So it is  increasingly getting harder to remember all these passwords. Even a guy with sharpest of memory will struggle to memories all the passwords. In this situation Lastpass comes in handy.

Lastpass is an online password manager which stores all the passwords securely. If we have Lastpass installed on the system then we just have to remember only one password, and that is the Lastpass master password. After that whenever we visit any site the Lastpass will fill up the login details and we don’t have to bother about those long and complicated passwords any more. The best thing about Lastpass is it is cross-platform and cross- browser password manager. It also supports mobile platform.

There are much more features in Lastpass than just storing the passwords. Below I have touched upon few of them.

Online Password Manager– Lastpass, being an online password manager has an advantage. That means you can access your password from anywhere and any system. The drawback with the offline password managers is you cannot access your password from any other system except the one in which you have stored all your passwords. But with Lastpass there is no such problem. You just need to install Lastpass on the new system, type the master password and voila you get all your passwords.

One Master Password & Single Click Login- If you use Lastpass you don’t have to remember all your passwords, you just need to remember one password, the master password. With that you access all you the passwords in the password vault. Lastpass installs as a browser extension and enables you to log in to a site with a single click. So you don’t need to manually type in your login details because Lastpass will automatically fill it up for you. It is extremely easy to use and saves much time.

Automatic Form Filling- Lastpass also has form filler that helps you to automatically fill up the forms. Honestly speaking filling forms can be bit monotonous but with the help of Lastpass’ form filler now you can eliminate that monotonous job with just a single click. You can create different profiles and fill up the personal details accurately and safely.

Import and Export Passwords- Lastpass is very flexible and user friendly. You can easily import password form all the leading password managers. Not only import but you can also export all your passwords to text file or even Firefox password manager.

Password Generator- Not only storing but Lastpass can also generate strong and secure password for you. Most of the time we use quite common passwords or something that can be easily compromised. To eliminate such mistakes Lastpass help us to generate strong passwords that are difficult to break.

Store Secure Notes- Not only passwords the Lastpass vault is quite capable to store your confidential text files also. Many times we have a confidential text file and we don’t know where to store it. Lastpass is just the answer for such situation. Simple store you file in the Lastpass vault and keep it safe.

Virtual Keyboard/One Time Passwords/Phishing Protection- Lastpass takes great care to protect your log in details. It has many security features available to keep you and your passwords safe. It has a virtual keyboard to protect against keyloggers. Just enter the login details with the help of mouse and the virtual keyboard and the keylogger will not be able to log the sequence. Another security feature is the one time password. If you are using any untrusted computer or untrusted network then access your vault using the one time password without revealing the actual master password.The third security feature is the phishing protection. Many times by mistake we enter our login details on a phishing websites and our login details get compromised. But with the help of Lastpass we can eliminate that. It has a phishing protection that will not fill in the login details on any phishing websites.

These are just a few features of Lastpass and there are many more important features which you will come to know while using it. Lastpass not only stores passwords but also does a whole lot of things and that what makes it the best. It comes in two flavors- free and premium. The comparison between free and premium can be found here.



  • Easy to configure and use, enriched with features.
  • Online password manager- All the passwords can be accessed from anywhere and anytime.
  • All the data stored online is encrypted so nobody except you (or somebody having the master password) can see your details. Not even the Lastpass developers.
  • Supports multiple browsers and multiple platforms.
  • Multiple security features to protect from phishing.
  • Multifactor Authentication.


  • Sometimes it fails to connect to their server and you have to work in offline mode.

Lastpass is secure, effective and easy to use password manager. The best part of it is it offers many more features than just storing password. Cross-platform, cross-browser and high security features certainly make it number one password manager. It is certainly a must have extension for every web browser.

Review credits: amazingAG

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