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| November 11, 2012

Have you ever forgotten you password, had your computer not boot up, or lost files on a corrupted hard drive, Lazesoft Recovery Suite Pro helps you recover those files, recover your boot or reset your password. Lazesoft Recovery Suite Pro is easy to use and able to recovery data, system and windows password through a recovery CD. Interface is easy to use and general users are able to use it without problems.


Installation is quick and simple, welcome screen, license agreement, user info, install. After you finished installing and open up the program, you will be prompted to create the Recovery CD.


Lazesoft Recovery Suite Pro comes with a Windows Recovery, Data Recovery, Recover My Password and Disk Image & Clone. When you run the files it will be done on the recovery CD using WinPE. The interface is easy to use and you know what to do when you run the CD. The Windows Recovery is very useful if your computer does not boot or pops up an error at boot up time. The Windows Recovery fixes those problems, as example the boot.ini file gets corrupted or deleted or “bootmgr is missing,” Lazesoft Recovery Suite Pro is able to recover it and you’re able to get into the computer. It works on 32 and 64 bit of Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 2008 and support most brands of desktops, laptops and tablet PCs.

The data recovery from Lazesoft Recovery Suite Pro, helps you recover your data from a non-working computer or disk. This took some time depending on the amount of files hard drive has. Lazesoft Recovery Suite Pro can rescue your files even after you have formatted and reinstalled Windows.

The password recovery lets you recover, reset your windows password if you forget it or lost it. It could also clear windows local password, and reset Windows domain password. You are also able to unlock and enable user accounts and look up your Windows key if you want to reinstall it. Very useful for those that does and it works well and resets it in some minutes or seconds. This might not work if you use your windows live account as your password for the login on Windows 8. Lazesoft Recovery Suite Pro also comes with a partition manager which lets you able to edit or customize your partition by creating, format, delete and wipe partition and disk. You are also able to clone and backup the partition or disk. You can select a fast or complete mode for cloning and the cloning can be done by blocks or sector by sector.

Thoughts and Conclusion

Lazesoft Recovery Suite Pro gives you very good options to recover your computer and data. Passwords are recover easy and fast when you have forgotten them or lost the password, you can easily clone, create, format, delete and wipe you partitions and all with an easy to use interface that it’s easy to familiarize yourself. Data recovery is useful as you are able to recover from a formatted and reinstalled system without losing your files. This is worth having if just in case your computer crashes or has a boot up problem that is not able to boot as this will recovery your Windows and be able to boot up and run without have to reinstall Windows. Give it a try at: http://www.lazesoft.com/lazesoft-recovery-suite.html.

Reviewed by lmanlo


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