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| October 18, 2012

MailWasher Pro – What is it?
It is an antispam software, which help you prevent your e-mail box from SPAM. It works based on a Bayesian method of spam filtering and a global spam database.

Installation goes smoothly. It’s easy and quick – we have to accept a Software License Agreement and choose one of available install types, “standard” which provides recommended preferences and “custom” which allows you to decide where it will be installed.

Installation was finished. What’s now?
When you open MailWasher Pro first time, your eyes will see a setup wizard which should detect your e-mail boxes. It is based on installed e-mail clients – so if you don’t have one, MailWasher Pro will detect nothing. After that you will see a quick video which learns you how to use MailWasher Pro. The important thing is – you have to be connected to the internet to see this video, because it is located on YouTube.

Now I know how to use it and my e-mail accounts has been detected. Let’s roll.
MailWasher Pro has a simple interface which is pretty useful. In the top left corner we can see 3 tabs – Inbox, Recycle Bin and Settings and 4 big icons directly below it. On the opposite site we can see 4 tabs – File, Email, View and Help.

In the main part of the window we can see all our e-mails and we can also preview a chosen message and then mark it as a spam, as a good message, add the sender to friends, add him to blacklist or bounce message.

If you don’t know what “bounce message” is – here’s the explanation – The sender will get his e-mail back with an automated message about delivery problem.
What can we do with SPAM messages?
We can easily delete them by beautiful yellow button WASH MAIL. Messages will go to the Recycle Bin then you can restore them or empty the bin. What does it mean for you? It means that message won’t be receive when you check your e-mail through an e-mail client, but you have to realize the message will be in e-mail server’s recycle bin and if you want to delete them from there, you’ll have to do it manually.
You can choose one of 23 languages ex. English, Armenian, Bulgarian, Czech, Polish, Danish, French, German, Brasil etc. You can also change a default font, but in my opinion it’s the best one. You can tick if you want to check default accounts when MailWasher starts or if you want MailWasher to check mail periodically. You can add your e-mail accounts manually or by “Import Accounts” button. Finally, you can change some settings connected with filtering like ex. Friends List, Blacklist, Filters, Origin of Spam, Learning Settings etc.

There are some settings in charge of Performance, Updates and Display but there are pretty easy to use, so I won’t bring it up.

MailWasher Pro is a great software if you get lots of spam messages and you try to sort this problem out. You won’t be disappointed. What is more it has a very easy interface what makes it EASY to use for EVERYONE. You needn’t to be a GEEK to use MailWasher Pro.

Reviewed by Tomasz


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