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| December 3, 2012

In today’s world capturing a movement in the form of pictures is very easy job and everyone can do it. Some do it professionally, some for hobby and some do it occasionally, but the point is everyone does it at some point and will do it in his/her life. And when we capture a good snap we starts loving it and we take it as our property like our house and car. Some pictures remain very close to us and they are invaluable to us.

When we take a good shot we want to show others that how good we are at photography and the easiest medium in today’s world is Internet. Yes, internet is easiest medium but not the securest, and most of the time when we upload our favourite pictures on internet someone copy it and claim it as their own, this is the weirdest truth that we all face if we are not aware of the ways by which we can save our virtual property.

So today I want to talk about a program which can save your pictures from thieves. The program I want to talk about help everyone in placing a watermark of your choice on pictures that you want to upload online, so that no one ever claims it as their own. The program I want to talk about is a photo watermark software called Mass Watermark.

Mass Watermark help user in easily placing watermarks of their choice on their preferred portion of images. It is easy to use and user friendly too. It is developed by taking everyone in mind, didn’t matter if user is novice or intermediate or an expert, it has options that suits everyone with any needs. The installer of MassWatermark quite small as compared to functions it possesses, around 17.4MB.  Installation process is also short and easy. After installation when program starts first time it shows a quick tutorial window from where user can learn using it with full potential. Below is a screenshot of tutorial.

Let’s take a look at its interface.

Before moving to its interface here is online text and video tutorial links if you want to start using it quickly without wasting any more time. Click here to access online tutorial page (requires working internet connection).

GUI (Graphical User Interface):  Its graphical interface is very very clean and user friendly. Here is a screenshot, I outlined important modules of its interface.

On the top left of its GUI it has a taskbar with three dropdown menus (File, tools and help), I’ll discuss all of the option in them one by one below.

File: This is the first dropdown menu and it has four options, let’s take a look at them.

  • Add Images: User can use this option for adding pictures manually or by selecting folder/external device.
  • Save Watermark: User can save watermark designs for future use.
  • Load Watermark: User can load saved watermark for placing on images.
  • Exit: User can exit program by selecting this option.


Tools: This dropdown menu has four options, read about them below.

  • Watermark Designer: User can design there custom watermarks by using this tools, it is very advance tools yet so user friendly. User can customise their watermarks from transparency to size to colour to placement to text and everything. See a screenshot below.

  • Optimizing and resizing: User can optimize their pictures and resize them as per their needs by selecting this tool.

  • Image Cropper and resize: User can use pictures as watermark by selecting this tool.

  • Metadata/Image info adder: User can add metadata and author/copyright/date/comment/subject/etc information in the images by using this tool.


Help: This is the last dropdown menu on the bar and it has five options, read about them below.

  • Activate Watermark: User can activate this program if they have serial key by selecting this option.
  • Quick Tutorial: User can Access quick tutorial by selecting this option.
  • Help Document: It has a help document which user can access by selecting this option.
  • Support: User can reach to support team by selecting this option (requires active internet connection)
  • About: User can know registration details, website link and support email and link by selecting this option.

Now let’s talk about other parts of its GUI,

Below these menus there is a module/box for adding/removing pictures which I outlined in blue in the interface screenshot, on right top of the box there are buttons for thumbnails/file list view and on the bottom there are buttons for adding picture manually/from folder or device and remove picture manually and remove all.

On the right of this box there is a preview pan which I outlined in orange in the interface screenshot, users can preview picture and watermark in that preview pan.

Below picture add/remove box which I outlined in green in the interface screenshot, there are options for adding caption, text effects and user have the option to place watermark on desired area of pictures.

Next to it there are options for adding an image/logo and customising/placement options which I outlined in purple in the interface screenshot.

Next to it, there are options for adding effects/output format/quality/meta data/EXIF info/upload online and saving it on local drive in desired directory which I outlined in sky-blue in the interface screenshot.

And below all this there is a button for processing images with watermark.

Some examples: I watermarked some of my images from my graphic collection with my name (Converted all images in a single gif).

 Upload Watermarked Images directly to your Picasa/Flickr Web Albums after Watermarking

Mass Watermark has direct connectivity to Picasa/Flickr so you can directly upload watermarked images to your picasa/flickr web albums.

Conclusion: MassWatermark is a user-friendly program, it comes with a trial and everyone can check its functionality and custom options. Program is not only capable of placing watermarks but also user can add Meta/EXIF data in files which makes it more than just a water marker program. It has so many custom option, I tried some free wares for watermarking my pictures but the problem with most  of those is we have to compromise with our pictures because they lack most important functioning’s, but MassWatermark is different it gave me all custom options that I expected from a watermark program. I liked it and if you are serious about your pictures/artworks/photographs I highly recommend it to you, give it a try.

Reviewer: Sahilwaste

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