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| November 1, 2012

PDF file is quite a common format for document storing. However, it is not an easy task to edit it when something is typed wrong there. There are many software solving this problem, one of them is Master PDF Editor distributed by Code Industry Limited, it contains most of the feature users need for the edit.

The following is the default interface.

When a file is opened through Master PDF Editor, PDF editing becomes an easy thing suddenly. Adding comments, highlight texts, strikeout and underline texts, and inserting and deleting texts can simply be done with a few clicks.

Of course this Editor not just contains the abovementioned features, the following shows other simple features that this Editor provides.

It is not difficult to see the difference between two snaps.

Only a few steps are needed to change the font, size and color of the texts, and relocate the position of the texts provided that the texts are visible by the software.

After introducing the simple feature, here comes with some advanced one.

From the toolbar, it is easy to discover the above function. From left to right, they are:

  • Insert text;
  • Insert image;
  • Insert link;
  • Insert combo box;
  • Insert list box;
  • Insert check box;
  • Insert radio box;
  • Insert button;
  • Insert edit box; and
  • Highlight existing fields

Ignoring the last one, it is not a problem to know what will be created when inserting these things.

Beyond the texts, images and links inserting feature, the other inserts contains some common elements, which are:

  • Choosing the style (solid, dashed, underline…) and thickness of the line;
  • Setting the color the boxes and the border;
  • Specifying the name of the inserts;
  • Setting the orientation (0, 90, 180, 270 degrees);
  • Visibility, printability and readability of the inserts.
  • Deciding when to trigger the action and what the action does. For example, you can decide to run a JavaScript when the mouse enters a box.

One thing that should be reminded is that the inserts, besides the texts and images, can only be worked and previewed after saved and opened with other PDF reader.

For the last feature, it is also not hard to understand with the follow snap. When the “Highlight existing fields” is clicked, all the fields mentioned above are highlighted, shown as the yellow boxes below.


Master PDF Editor contains lots of essential features to edit PDF files, such as editing and relocating the texts when something ordered wrong, adding fields to interact with readers, and making the file more colorful to interest readers to read. Those features are not too complex to use, it just takes little explore in order to master the Editor.

There is one suggestion to enhance the Editor, which is enabling the preview of the inserts. Till the latest version, it is not able to preview the list of choices in the boxes created. If it is possible for users to preview what they have typed in the boxes, this will come with a great convenience.

However, the software turns out unstable and not responding when deleting a bulky page from the file, this should be noticed and fixed by the producer as soon as possible.

Reviewed by Hlester


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