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| October 3, 2011

I am sure most of you know about browser cookies. For those who don’t know I would like to add that a browser cookie or a cookie is a small bit of information that websites store on an individual’s harddisk when they visit that website. This information can be used for various purposes like user authentication, storing any kind of particular preferences, handling session variable and much more. In a layman’s term cookies let the web server know that this is not your first visit and it should organize the site as it was during your last visit.

With all the advantages of cookies like faster and smooth browsing it does have few disadvantages also. Cookies can be used by spywares to track user’s browsing activities. Cookies can also be stolen by hackers to get various important information like user’s login ids, bank account numbers etc. Basically it can be tampered to interfere on one’s privacy.

So basically we are in a situation where we can neither remove all the cookies since it will seriously affect our browsing and neither can we keep all of them as it can be used for tracking. We need to balance in between the two and to help us achieve that there is a wonderful tool called MAXA Cookie Manager. It will not only help us determine which one is secure to keep and which one is not but it will also help us to remove it completely.

MAXA Cookie Manager: Description and Features

After completing the installation it will go through a setup wizard where there will be a list of most visited sites and you have to select your own preferences. Once selected cookies from those sites will be placed on whitelist.

Once selected it will automatically select the browsers installed in the system and after that it is ready to run. It basically supports 7 browsers- Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari, K-Meleon and Flock.

MAXA Cookie manager was specifically built to handle different type of cookies. It is the first and, to date, the only product that is designed to protect your privacy, regardless of the web browser you use.

MAXA classifies a cookies based on the harm it can cause to your privacy. The red ones, known as web bugs are the worsts, then comes the yellow ones store large amount of information over a longer period of time. The greens ones are the harmless ones and the white ones are from whitelisted sites. When web bugs are found an alert is popped up and options on how to handle it.

There are few other things which it can also do like:

Export List: – This option helps to export the whole list of cookies as an HTML file.

Cookie Treatment: – This option provides more information regarding a particular cookie. This is quite helpful for new and unknown cookies.

Online Privacy Test: – With online privacy test you can check what information about you is currently visible to the websites.

 These are the few notable features of the MAXA Cookie Manager. MAXA Cookie Manager comes in 2 flavors – Pro and Standard. Version comparison. Download the Standard free version.

This is a great tool to have as it is quite effective in detecting and remove various cookies. Not every cookie your browser can detect and remove so this tool is certainly important for your privacy. This is extremely easy to handle and with the minimal features it is even easy to configure and use. But I must add there are still few areas for improvement like the interface. The interface looks bit clumsy and also the audio alerts aren’t good either.

The pro version certainly looks bit costly but with the availability of a free version certainly adds a positive. I would recommend everybody to give it a try as this is genuinely good tool to have.

In cooperation with MAXA Tools (sponsor of this giveaway), we can offer 10 licenses to get the full version of MAXA Cookie Manager PRO!

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