[Contest] Mirekusoft Install Monitor

| August 3, 2014

Today I’ll be  reviewing  the  software  “Mirekusoft  Install  Monitor,” this utility follows the installation of programs onto the PC and allows a detailed report to be accessed, thus enabling you to see What, and where the installation file has put on your PC. Also providing the Option to remove parts of an installation, like the “Crapware” some good programs have that get installed in secret or without an option to be not installed.


The very layout of this application is straight forward, a simple window listing all the programs installed on the pc, the programs name, who the publishers are, the date it was installed, the size of the installed program, what version number the program is (so you can see if you got the latest one or not), when that specific program was used last, and who was the last person to use that specific program.


The program’s “Find” feature allows you to search programs for a specific file, a piece of registry information, and even information that was removed after its installation (deleted Information), within a given time period. While the tool button offers some handy options, The “Finding programs by window” option,


will allow you to track pop-up windows, even if it is non-descriptive, or a program that did not have a name to begin with, you can still track it to its attached program, and remove it without the extensive amount of search and destroy most of us have already experienced. A process viewer,


which functions just like windows default process viewer, with just core information about the CPU, Memory, and Disk Usage, making it function without adding an unnecessary drain on your systems resources. A startup monitor,


which tracks what programs are activated while your PC is turning on, and gives the option to toggle off any of those processes right then and there, this extra alone may increase your boot time a noticeable amount. The option included on this application allows the main window to display several more options, including the hidden system applications and windows update Information. And its advanced options include a repair option for corrupted database files, as well as the return first install option,



witch will repair any problems with you may be having, however it will cost you all your saved database info.

There happens to be a Disk Defragmenter with a programmable activation time, allowing you to assign a specific time to defrag your pc, like while your resting or away, conveniently enough keeping track of when it was last used, so you can adjust its timing to maximize your PC performance.

A Disk Cleanup tool that shows what junk you have on your hard disk that you may not of even know about, that can be removed safely without loss of any information or damage to your Hard Disk. Also some advanced options for cleaning up some of the outdated system storage files, like really old backup files, that do nothing but take up space, freeing up valuable drive space.

The program tree button opens a separate window that shows the program that are installed and other programs that was installed under that initial installation,


this allows for rapid identification of foreign applications and instant identification of the sub programs, if you ever installed an office program you will understand that it’s not just one program, but a bundle of several programs that allow access to a variety of different files.

Please note that several programs had appeared with the already uninstalled descriptor,


which appears to be a false positive generated by not install the program in there default directory, most are my steam games on the image I have provided, but up top  it still provides the option to remove any leftover files, keys, and data with its Clean Up option.

After the program is initially installed, Mirekusoft Install Monitor gives an opportunity to Scan for programs and Information that may not initially be added to the windows default Uninstaller, this handy little tool looks for the hidden or required additional software that may have been issued in your downloaded installer(s), what I like to call “Crapware”, parts of some kind of financial boon to the developers, in exchange for the application of their garbage software onto a decent program(s). This little trinket finds the information and offers it up in the content tab at the bottom.

Be advised though, the more information you have on your PC, the longer it may take. Where some programs are really fast, gaming rigs may actually take a bit of time, especially now that newer games are taking up several Gigabytes of space.





As for usefulness, this tool is definitely something that should be looked at if you are someone who is always adding programs to your PC, receiving a lot of pop-up spam windows, or someone that keeps getting viruses, it keep thing pretty simple, goes straight to the point of just reporting things you may not even be aware of, and gives fast and simple options to remove things you don’t want.

Reviewer: IAMCRS

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