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| January 1, 2013

miTracker is, according to the developer “the Ultimate in Laptop Security”.  If your laptop ever gets stolen, miTracker, is designed to allow the owner, to remote destroy his data, to lock the laptop, and to locate it use geo-location based on IP address.

Once you run the setup, you are prompted to register for miTracker.com, the cloud based component of this program (name, password and email address).  Simple enough.    No reboot was required which grabbed my attention.

I ran the program and was greeted with a very simplistic interface.  Not a bad feature, truth be told.  Security should be simple to operate.  You’re greeted with an overview of the program.  miTracker has two local areas.

  1. File Encryptor — And it’s only files.  It uses Military AES standards, no other options are available, no configuration.  It’s simple to use browse for the file, and done.
  2. File Shredder — A basic, albeit with four levels of overwrite, file shredder.  Again pick your files, pick the level of shredding  (from a basic overwrite to military standards wipe with no hope of recovery).   You can also preset certain files for remote shredding if your laptop goes missing.

These two options are simple enough to use.  Because it is a partially cloud-based app, let’s take a look at the cloud panel.

Once you login, your greeted with one screen before this listing your account, and the devices associated with it and their current IP addresses, and their MAC address. Nice thing that you can have all your devices on one account, so you don’t have to remember multiple logins for one site.

Select the “Click here for further actions” button associated with the appropriate device and your greeted with this screen.

It’s simple and straightforward.  Click on the Missing Toggle to get it to turn to Yes, and all other toggles, then become selectable.

  • Locking does just that.  Toggle the Lock button, include a message if you want, and hit Save.   The computer should  on next boot, reboot and lock out.  I had trouble with the control panel, to be honest, and contacted miTracker support, and they are looking into it.
  • Delete  is easy .  You can specify files by extension, if you have a specific type you want to get rid of.  You can also preselect certain files to be erased in the MiTracker program for when you trigger remote shredding.  Then you can delete by type, Office, common file types (PDF, txt, etc), web browser caches, image files, and compressed file types.  Click the ones you want and hit save.

Once you hit save, the computer upon next boot, or it is currently on, should reboot and carry out what you want it to do.

My overall impression is that this program is a great program for the market it is aimed at.  It’s aimed at those who want a simple click and pick interface, and aren’t overly paranoid about what they have stored on their PC.   It’s easy to use, the local features are nice.  They do their job, and do it well enough.

There are something I would like to see changed.  The progam boots with Windows, but it boots visible.  You see the icon in the SysTray, and if you CTRL-Shift-Esc and look  at the processes you can see miTracker listed in their.  Highlight it, and hit end, and it quits without a prompt for a password or anything.  That concerns me.  Personally, I would want a program like this running in a stealth mode, with no Systray icon even available, and the process name using a random name generator so it changes names and the names look like something official.

The Cloud Control Panel is easy enough to use, and If I could have gotten it to work properly I would have tested the  panel out more than I did.  That being said, I like the layout and controls, they are

simple to use and understand.  The only think missing is the “NUKE” option.  I think there out to be one on there, so it reboots and does a thorough disk wipe reminiscent of DBAN (Darik’s Boot and Nuke). Without prompting.

If your looking for  a low-cost remote security utility, this is it.  Give it a trial run and see what you think.

Reviewed by djweaver

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