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| October 10, 2012

We all store great amount of data on our hard disk. There is always a case where we would like to hide some data from rest of the users using the same PC or from prying eyes. To our aid comes “My Lockbox” software which helps to hide our private data  – files and folders.



My Lockbox allows you to hide, lock and password protect almost any folder on your PC. Hide means the folder is hidden, but it is still possible to access its contents if you know full path to it. Lock means that the folder is visible, but not accessible. And what My Lockbox provides is Hide&Lock – which means that the folder is invisible and inaccessible.

My Lockbox comes as both Free and Professional edition. While the free edition allows to protect only one folder, Professional edition enables you to protect any number of folders.

The installation was smooth, other than that it comes pre-checked to install TuneUp utilities 2013 (according to OpenCandy Network). So be careful to uncheck it. Read below per “OpenCandy End User License Agreement”:

As part of the installation process, a temporary file transmits anonymous, non-personally identifiable information about your computer system in order to help us determine what third party software would be appropriate to recommend. If a recommendation is shown and you choose to install such recommended third party software, then the third party software will be downloaded and installed. If a recommendation is not shown, or you choose not to install such recommended third party software, then no third party software will be downloaded or installed.

As per the “My Lockbox 2 Quick Start Guide” somehow during the installation I didn’t got the option to neither “define location of my protected folder”, nor “set up password protection”.

It rather created 2 shortcuts on desktop: “My Lockbox Control Panel” and “My Lockbox”. When I launched “My Lockbox Control Panel” it prompted me to set the password and hint question. It then asked me to assign a protected folder.

I tried to use “My Documents” folder as protected folder, but My Lockbox warned and didn’t allowed me to use the personal folder as protected folder – as expected.

The program interface is very clean, easy to understand and use. It has 2 modes: Simple and Advanced. In simple mode you can lock/unlock and set protected folder. While in advanced mode you can also select skin, set option to lock folder on standby/hibernate or after X minutes of inactivity, set notifications, set/change Hotkey, set/change password, and add/removed trusted processes such as backup/anti-virus software to access protected folder.

With a single click you can lock/unlock the folder from the main interface. As shown below I have locked a folder and so the status now shows as (red) Locked. Similarly, when unlocked the status changed to (green) Unlocked.


Following are the Pros according to me:

1. Simple interface and easy to use

2. Supports 64-bit OS

3. Effective protection mode even in Safe mode

4. Supports NTFS, FAT, FAT32, exFAT file systems.

5. No limitation on size of protected files

6. Ability to set Hotkeys.

7. Prevents from locking system-critical files/folders.

8. Trusted processes feature lets backup, antivirus or similar software to backup or scan your protected folder.

9. Ability to add a quick “Protect with My Lockbox” Windows Explorer context menu.


Following are the Cons according to me:

1. It accepts null (blank) password, which is disastrous.

2. The Quick Start Guide needs update.

3. Third-party software installation against OpenCandy Network is not desirable.



My Lockbox Pro provides a very simple, hassle free and efficient way to password-protect and hide folders on internal hard drives. The folders are locked/unlocked with a single click and are not accessible even in safe mode. Additionally, allowing trusted process to access the protected folder provides a way to have the protected folder backed-up and/or scanned without any additional effort.

Reviewed by Grr


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