[Contest] Norton Commander [Forum Exclusive]

| June 13, 2012

Norton commander is a very popular file manager. It has so many great features that it is a real pleasure to work with it. It has everything for easy and comfortable working with fies and folders and it works finely with windows XP, Vista and 7.

The installation file is very small-13MB and installation process is very quick and easy. The main interface of the program looks great. Its dual panel allows you to work with files and folders very easily. You can perform any operations with them. Interface of Norton Commander consists of many useful control buttons. You can perform any operations by the help of special control buttons. You can easily change and configure them, for example, add or remove buttons. By default te program has many functional control buttons. They allow you to search, synchronize, zip and mail, create self-extractor, split or merge, encrypt and decrypt files, etc.

By the help of menu buttons you can do many other manipulations with files. Norton Commander consists of five menu buttons: 1) Files, 2)Select, 3)Panel, 4)Options, 5)Help. Let me describe them more fully.
1)Files menu consists of many different commands, but we can do all these operations without entering the files menu. Norton Commander has many shortcut keys, for example, by clicking on F7 button you can create a new folder, etc. Files menu allows you to perform such tasks as rename, view, edit, copy, move, compress, decompress, etc. You can also edit text by the in-built text editor or use external editor, zip and mail files, split and merge files and so on.

2) Select menu allows you to select or deselect group, select or deselect all, invert selection, etc.
3) Panel menu allows you to search files and folders, compare folders, files and text files, synchronize, etc.

4) By the help of Options menu you can configure and customize Norton Commander settings. For example, you can set up panel options, colors, tabs, network connection, etc. The program has a lot of changeable settings. All you need is to choose preferable and desirable settings, and the rest the program will do for you.
Norton Commander is a very useful file manager. It gives us everything for easy and comfortable working with Windows operating system. If you want something great and cool, Norton Commander is just for you. Try it and I am sure you will love it.

Reviewer: Sir William of Palerne

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