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| March 1, 2013

Oil Rush is a naval strategy game where it brings both real-time strategy and tower defense into one game. The game has some nice graphics with very good details which requirements is good that you can play in most current PCs or Macs. Oil Rush Gameplay is entertaining which includes a campaign, quick game and multiplayer modes.



The game has a playable specification requirements letting you play on most current pcs but if you run it at the recommended settings you can see where it shines.  The game in minimal settings can play with an Intel HD3000 GPU but when playing with minimal settings you will have to lower down the graphics and play in low settings. Some graphical games usually are not able to play at the type of game so this is a good thing for Oil Rush. You can check the full requirements here: http://oilrush-game.com/info/requirements/

The PC used to run game:

  • Intel Core i7 Quad-Core 2.0Ghz
  • 8GB Memory
  • 120 GB SSD
  • AMD Radeon 6770 1GB
  • 1080P Display

The game runs really well with no performance issue. The game is a small installation with really good detail which will emphasize on graphics section.


Oil Rush has some nice graphics running real well with is unigine. With high settings you can see where the game really shines and looks great. Unigine Corp. did a great job and making this game appear good and you see the detail that went to the game which recommend playing on a good pc which you can have high to ultra-settings. The water looks great and you really see reflections of buildings and units on water top of water and under the water with seeing the old civilization that went under water.



Oil Rush comes with a simple interface for gameplay which works well. You have 3 sections when the game is running, top left you get the upgrade options, the amount of oil and money you have. The right section you have at top the menu, objectives and at bottom you have the map and units. On top of the map you are able to send the amount of units when sending an attack from 25%, 50% or 100%. You also get some arrows and a return when you want to return units if you saw a change of defense of the attacking base.



            Oil Rush gameplay is entertaining and story line somewhat follows the gameplay. The first missions starts you up in getting to know the way to move around which the game uses both keyboard and mouse to control and move units around. This works well and you can easily learn the controls.


The game combines a real time strategy with tower defense which works well and keeps the game entertaining. Each mission gives you the objectives on the right middle section which keeps you updated when you have done what has needed to be done or have failed the job. Some missions could have many objectives but some you could experience maybe one main and the rest could be optional but if you do them you could bring your score up and get achievements for completing the objectives. Depending on the way you are doing, you can come up to some boring moments in the game but usually from what I see is if you are trying to do the minimum of objectives. The gameplay can be uneven at times with the combination of real-time strategy and tower defense but  The game does get challenging at times which keeps you maintaining your bases from getting attacked from fierce enemies that comes also in a good attack form which you have to be prepared for.

Oil Rush has many units from sea to air which at beginning you start with the piranha which is a water scooter. When the units are send to attack, the units does attack in a good pattern which they don’t just go and stand in one section, they stay moving and gives the enemy a bit more of way to not get killed or damage your units.


Multiplayer brings more challenges to gameplay, battling other users or creating teams to battle other users. You can chat with users while waiting to join a game or while in the game. You get plenty of maps to choose from and gameplay varies by the different strategies each user. Each user can come up with different strategies and can be a bit more difficult than missions due to not really knowing when they’ll attack and how they will defend their bases. The multiplayer seemed to be empty at the time logged in which can cause problems trying to play a multiplayer game.


Thoughts and Conclusion

            Oil Rush is an entertaining game with very good graphics. The graphics on Oil Rush is really decent which gives good detail of the water and what is underneath. Gameplay is fun and gives you combination between real-time strategy and tower defense gameplay which works well. Multiplayer is a fun place to play against others and test your strategies which difficulty varies due to each user having their own type of strategy if more players get online. Oil Rush is recommend game to play, you might stumble upon some uneven gameplay and some boring missions but the rest compensates through the type of gameplay it brings which keeps you entertained with a vast multiplayer.

Reviewer: LMANLO

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