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| May 24, 2013

People create many accounts on the Internet for several purposes. You have to remember each username and password; otherwise you can’t open your account. If you have several accounts, however, it’s hard to remember all of their usernames and passwords. So sometimes you enter the wrong password.
AceBIT gives you the solution for this problem: This company made a product named Password Depot. Password Depot is a reliable, strong password manager which keeps your passwords secure from unauthorized users. However, Password Depot does not only keep your passwords safe and secure, but also data from your EC cards, credit cards, software licenses and identities.

It keeps its passwords files stored with a 256 bit encryption method. Additionally, Password Depot offers dual security as you can protect your passwords file by both a master password and a key file. And the best thing about Password Depot: It offers a Password Generator enabling you to make your master password and all other passwords unable to break/crack. Also, Password Depot keeps you safe from brute-force attacks (systematic checking of all possible keys until the correct key is found) as it locks the program if a wrong master password has been entered.


Password strength: The password strength is very important for everyone because simple passwords may be easily cracked by anyone, for example by hackers. So check your password’s strength before setting it: How strong or weak is it? For checking your passwords’ strength, you can also use the Password Analyzer which is built into Password Depot and may be accessed via the “Analyze” button on the “Tools” tab.


Portability: You cannot stay at one place all of the time, but you also have to travel. So anytime, anywhere, you may need to open your IDs on public computers in internet cafés or on your friend’s laptop. This is a very critical moment for your passwords. How can you secure your privacy in public places? The solution is contained in Password Depot: Use the USB installation feature and carry your Password Depot wherever you go; always open you accounts on Gmail, Yahoo, Facebook, and online banking. You can also use Password Depot on many mobile devices with either Android or iOS operating system.


• Create Shell links (Shell links enable to access other objects in Windows Explorer, e.g. files and folders.)
• Carry Password Depot with you on a USB stick
• User-friendly file Manager (new in Password Depot 7)
• Automatic fill-in of username and password in Web forms
• Print details of all of your password entries stored in Password Depot
• Password Generator for creating unable-to-crack passwords
• Password Analyzer for checking your passwords’ strength
• HTTPS support
• Recycle Bin that saves deleted passwords and enables their restoration (new in Password Depot 7)
• Divide your password entries into categories
• Drag and drop username and password into Web forms
File Manager: The File Manager is a new feature of Password Depot 7. The File Manager is easy to use, and it makes your work with the software easy and fast. You can browse your (backup) files stored locally and on a USB stick, create new passwords files, manage your internet servers (previous versions already supported HTTP, FTP, FTPS; the new version 7 also supports HTTPS). With the File Manager, you can also directly manage your Cloud accounts, log in to Cloud services, and download and upload files from your local system to the Cloud.


Shell link: The Shell link is a power feature in Password Depot. You create Shell links for specific websites. But for creating a Shell link, the information must already exist in Password Depot. You can easily create a Shell link for any username and password with just a right click and save it wherever you want.


Auto-fill in: Password Depot fills in username and password when you open a website. Just click into the first field of the Web form, and Password Depot will auto-fill in your username and password detail.

Drag and drop:- This feature works only with Password Depot’s top bar mode. The top bar is one of the good features of Password Depot. Just click on the corresponding drag&drop icons in the top bar, and then you can drag one-by-one username and password. Yet not only this, but you can also drag and drop web URLs with this function.


Auto-grab username and password, and ignore websites: Password Depot can automatically fill-in your password and user name into Web forms, via browser add-ons and via a function within the program. If you want to disable the auto-fill process of username and password, use the feature for ignoring websites. You can manually add sites that are to be ignored, or you can let Password Depot do it automatically: When Password Depot grabs a new ID detail, a popup box comes up and there will be the option that if you will click “ignore this website,” the automatic fill-in option will be disabled for this website. In contrast, if you click “add,” your entered username and password will be saved in Password Depot. When you will come to this website again, Password Depot will automatically fill-in your username and password.


Recycle Bin: The recycle bin is a new feature in Password Depot version 7. This new feature works like the Windows recycle bin. When you accidently deleted a username and password, you can restore the deleted data as you would restore it in Windows. This helps you if you accidently deleted a username and password.
Password Generator: The Password Generator is a good feature which helps you to make password unbreakable. This feature is builtinto Password Depot. With the Password Generator, you can also check how strong or weak your passwords are.


Print username and password in Password Depot: The print option enables you to print your password entries as hard copy. When you use the print feature, Password Depot will ask you to enter the master password. Without the master password, you cannot print your accounts’ details.


Password Depot is for all types of users at home, in offices and also for organizations. It keeps your usernames, passwords and other confidential data safe and securely encrypted, and it makes your work easier and faster. Anywhere, anytime, you can always carry Password Depot on a USB stick in your pocket, and no one can crack your Password Depot in order to open your important data.

Reviewer: mohammadwasi7861

For more information, please visit http://www.password-depot.com/overview.html

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