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| May 31, 2014

In the world where we live, security is one of the most important needs and not only these days but from the starting of civilization. Most common layer of security which is always used for securing unauthorised access is Passwords, they are used from the very beginning, they are also in use in this age of technology, and they are very secure layer of security if used in proper manner and with a good guideline.

What is a Password?

A password is a secret word or string of characters that is used for authentication, to prove identity or gain access to a resource. It is mainly used for securing user accounts and digital information but their use is not limited to that only.

So, that’s the password and they are helping us in securing anything we want. They are securing us but they possess a big drawback, if we lose (forget) password we lose access to the content and in most cases there is no good way of retrieving it. If you think you need an computer forensic expert for retrieving lost passwords (passwords like windows admin/user passwords, pdf/word/excel/powerpoint passwords, zip/rar passwords, email client/instant messenger/web browsers/ ftp client passwords etc) you are wrong, now anyone and everyone can retrieve lost passwords by using a wonderful utility available in the market. I am talking about Top-Password Software inc’s Password Recovery Bundle 2012.

What is Password recovery bundle 2012?

It is a all in one Password recovery utility which helps user in recovering lost passwords, user can recover passwords of windows accounts, documents, messenger, email/ftp clients, and many more. Its Trial is available as it’s a try before you buy product, everyone can try it in trial and decide if it is worth buying. The installer of password recovery bundle is 33.1MB in size (here I am talking about Version 2.2). It takes almost 10seconds for installation and installation process is very smooth. After installing it user can directly start recovering passwords without losing a single second.

GUI of Password recovery bundle is very simple and program itself is very easy to use. On the top right of the GUI there are three options.

First option is Help: User can access offline help manual by selecting this option.

Second option is About: User can get information like owners name, edition, version, homepage of vendor and email support.

Third option is Register: here user can register this program and unlock all the functionalities, user can also order serial online by selecting the link present at the bottom (requires internet connection).

Below these options, the GUI of Password Recovery Bundle 2012 is divided into two parts, one is where all the recovered passwords are shown and the other is on its right where four options are available explained as below:

  • Start Recovery: This option is the heart of this program, it has all the options for recovering all types of passwords.
  • Recover from File: This option is helpful in case user needs to recover password of a specific file. Here user has three options first is Brute-force attack in which program engine try all possible combinations, second option is Mass attack and the third option is Dictionary attack which is not available due to trial restrictions.
  • Windows Password: User can make a boot disk/USB for resetting windows password.
  • Exit: User can exit program by selecting this option.

At the bottom left of the GUI of program there is a option for program updates, user can check for updates by selecting this option (requires internet connection).

Conclusion: What I don’t like in this program is, in trial mode it has so many limitations (but still user can estimate the power of this program by using its trial). What I like in this program is, it has so much options for password recovery. The program is highly user friendly and powerful too. It detected most of the passwords I tested it on, but most are hidden and only number of characters is shown or asterisk. I am not highly impressed with this program as it has so many restrictions in trial, instead of making it restricted vender should consider giving 3 tries for password recovery or something like that so that even a novice user can also try it easily and decide if it’s worth buying. In the end, the program is good at what vendor is promising and after registering user can use it unlimited times and also after registration all advance functions are available and then use can feel the real power of this program. Trying it doesn’t cost anyone a single buck, so why not give it a try maybe this is what you are looking for. Thanks for reading.

Reviewed by Sahil

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[Giveaway] Password Recovery Bundle

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