[Contest] Photo Montage Guide [Forum Exclusive]

| December 18, 2012

Photo Montage Guide is a great software to change your images like size, aspect ratio, remove traces, separate objects, and more. You can do it with ease and does not change the quality of the image. The interface is easy to use and Photo Montage Guide has many examples for you to look at it in case you want to know how they did it.


Installation is normal with the welcome, license agreement, location, and install. There’s no extra software that’ll try to install. The program will start off on the main page and showing you 17 demonstrations on how the software can be used and when run takes control of mouse and if you want to stop press escape button.


Photo Montage Guide might show little on its tools but can make many adjustments to images. The interface is easy to use and gives you the tools that you need without really needing to use the top file menu items. The main tools are on the right side which is two parts the top two rows and the bottom section which shows the info if you select an item from the two rows. You can resize an image, crop, rotate an image, add text, separate an image, and paste an object, smart remove, smart resize, and smart patch. All of this will show more info on bottom section as seen on the image above. The top bar gives you the rest which is open an image, go to previous or next image, save, print, undo or redo, zoom functions, see new image with original image, rotate, brightness and contrast.

With Photo Montage Guide you can simply resize image without losing quality of image, remove images simple or advanced, etc. All this processes are easy to do and just need patience on selecting what you want it to do. Most of what it processes are quick and no need to wait for Photo Montage Guide to finish. I’ve posted a before and after screenshots of one of the features of Photo Montage Guide, the featured used was a removal removing some trees in the middle and you’ll see how it does without losing the quality and you barely see the change if you didn’t know it was there.

Thoughts and Conclusion

Photo Montage Guide is great to use at what it does, I have used other that has done this but you rarely get one that keeps the resolution without lowering it. Gives you the features you need to make sure that the image you want looks the way you want it. It is easy to use and images come out without knowing there was something changed. Read more here at: http://tintguide.com/photomontage.html to learn more on how this works.

Reviewed by lmanlo


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