[Contest] PhotoFiltre Studio X [Forum Exclusive]

| August 25, 2012

I like taking nice pictures and often modifying them.
Even I don’t spend hours on modifying a photo, I want a good software that offers me professional features. I also want software that is fast on my notebook, that doesn’t require much resources.

So when I bumped into Photofiltre. I have to be honest, I tried directly the paid version:


Here are my personal considerations based on my usage of the software and my photos.


Ease of Use:

It is really simple to navigate the program menu. I don’t want to do a comparative review but I tried the Gimp before PhotoFiltre and I found it difficult to learn.

All the features of PhotoFiltre are found in the drop down menu and beneath it there are buttons for the most used functions. It is easy to find everything you need.



Editing images is really easy, even if you not an experienced user. You have all the basic features under  the “Image” menu, like resize, canvas, transform, crop, perspective and horizon correction etc. but you can easily find them with a right click to your image. The feature I like the most here is “Transparent color” and often I combine it with some other features as “Export as icon” under “Tools”, to create icons from images

There is a whole “Layer” menu to work with layers.

“Adjust” menu for brightness, saturation, gamma and contrast auto and manual, the histogram, color balance and if you want to be creative with your photos, you can use posterize, dithering etc.

The special thing of PhotoFiltre Studio are the Filters, I said that I don’t spend hours modifying a photo but I would lose the day with the filters. They enhance you artistic spirit and you can have a new vision of your photos and yourself.

I would stay here hours to describe all the filters but it is really a nice surprise to discover them by yourself.

I used this image created with PhotoFiltre as background for my blog.

A very useful feature is the Red Eye Correction tool, very easy to use and useful.

Another feature I use a lot is Automate/Batch. Nowadays everybody posts their photos on social networks, so I use this to resize and sometimes to copyright many photos, but it has many other options

Others are the Brushes, Vectorial selections, Animated-GIF generator, PhotoMasque and other that you can find here http://www.photofiltre-studio.com/present-en.htm


-Add-ons and Plugins

PhotoFiltre has many add-ons  and plugins including new brushes and filters that you can find here http://www.photofiltre-studio.com/addones-en.htm  and http://www.photofiltre-studio.com/plugins/plugins-en.htm . Add-ones and plugins are all free.

Also if you need, they provide tutorials http://www.photofiltre-studio.com/tutolinks-en.htm .




I’ve tried many image editors before choosing PhotoFiltre. The free editors always missed some features I needed, here is to mention also the really easy to use interface and the big list of free add-ons and plugins.

Some good image editors are overpriced for a “neither professional nor amateur” like me, so I think PhotoFiltre is perfect.

You can try it free for 30 days and I recommend it.

Reviewed by tzatz3


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