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| April 12, 2012

With the development of digital photography has become obvious that we need good and appropriate software which can give to photo professionals and average photo amateurs everything for comfortable editing and organizing their digital photos. Not every photo editor can meet our needs, but the new version of Serif PhotoPlus x5 is an exception. Photography professionals and amateurs can now easily organize, edit, enhance and share their photos with PhotoPlus x5 – the powerful and intuitive photo editing software. The latest version helps users unleash their creativity skills and achieve outstanding results with their photos (Serif is a British company which was founded in 1987. This company is well-known as a creator of a few great programs, such as PagePlus, DrawPlus, WebPlus and MoviePlus. You can visit their site for more info: http://www.serif.com/) . Serif PhotoPlus x5 is a professional program for editing digital photos. It allows you to work with photos and other graphic files in a professional manner. PhotoPlus helps to correct and improve the quality of digital photos, reduce or increase their size, brightness, contrast, color and more. Regardless of whether you want to do with your photos- remove scratches, retouch old photos or apply various effects – PhotoPlus is all you need to achieve high quality results. PhotoPlus offers all necessary features – from the import and create images to color management, image correction and many others. Built-in support for most modern digital cameras makes it to open digital photos in JPG or RAW photo formats. It supports more than 300 models of digital cameras.

Of course it is very difficult to describe all the great features of this program in this brief review, but I will try to tell you as much information about this program as possible.

The interface of the program is very friendly and organized in the same way as much other similar photo- editing software.

On the left you can see the special toolbar for manipulating with photos. PhotoPlus offers a wide range of methods to change the size or properties of selected photo. You can choose various methods of selection in PhotoPlus : create practically any forms through various tools, change the size or properties of selected area, perform various actions including cutting, copying, rotating, color correction, special effects, etc. Despite the differences in the use of different methods of selection, the end result is always the same: a part of the active layer is separated from the rest of the image. The boundary is represented as a dashed line or border around the selection. You can use the following tools: a) Shape Selection Tools – creates rectangular selection area using drag and drop method for getting desired size; b) Ellipse Selection Tool – creates oval selection area; c) Quck Shape Selection Tool – contains various modified forms including star, arrow, spiral, heart, etc.; d) Lasso Selection Tool- this tool allows to draw a line which automatically closes making random form selection. This tool consists of three sub-tools: Freehand Selection Tool, Polygon Selection Tool (allows drawing a number of segments consisting of straight lines), Magnetic Selection Tool (allows you to go around the boundaries of the object and create a separation line. E) Magic Wand Tool allows you to select an area on the basis of the color similarities of adjacent pixels. f) Selection Brush lets you draw a selection as a set of brush strokes. g) Color Pickup tool allows you to choose new colors from the colors available in the image, etc. Besides above-mentioned tools, of course, this program has many other great and useful tools, for example red-eye removal tool, erase tool for erasing unneeded objects on the photos, text tool for inserting texts into the image, blemish removal tool for correcting blemishes and scratches on the photos and many, many others.

On the right side of the program you can see special tools for color modifications of the photos. You can easily choose any color, for example increase blue, red, green, etc. colors or decrease them. Also the program allows you to choose the preferred colors of your photos. You can adjust the special color effects to your photos. For example you can choose Magenta and Cyan colors and so on. The process of adjusting and modifying various colors is very easy and amazing. After completing the whole process your photos will be more beautiful and attracting.

Serif PhotoPlus x5 has many amazing effects. You can, for example, distort or blur your photos, make your photos more artistic and stylistic by the mean of special effects. The number of these effects is really very numerous and they give an unbelievable look to your photos.

The new version x5 has many innovation and improvements as compared with previous versions. This version allows you to make from your photos a real masterpiece. Now you can quickly organize your photos with special PhotoPlus organizer, create smart albums, browse them directly to Facebook and Flickr; create stunning photo books, greeting cards and collages; make the photos more vivid and alive; correct and edit the photos with a single click; make a lot of amazing effects.

Serif PhotoPlus X5 is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows7. It requires 512ram, 480 free hard spaces and 1024 x 600 monitor resolutions.

Few Key Features of PhotoPlus X5


The Photofix studio groups together commonly used adjustments like crop and straighten, red-eye removal, lighting and creative filters and more, allowing the user to make quick edits in a user-friendly environment. The before and after split in the Photofix Studio is also a great tool to compare your original image with the edits made.


PhotoPlus allows you to work with layers, which means your edits will be non-destructive so you never need worry about returning to your original image.

Export Optimiser

With 16 different file types to save as, from HD Photo to Photoshop files, the export optimiser helps the User compare export results before deciding which type is best for them.

How-to Tab

PhotoPlus is accessible to Users of any level of experience with the How-to tab. Taking you through step-by-step, the tab offers shortcut buttons and will even offer to ‘do this for you’ if you’re still unsure. Besides the How-to tab, there are also many video and written tutorials within the learning zone in the start-up wizard, where you can carry out exercises to improve your editing techniques until you are a more accomplished photo editor.

Filter Gallery

The Filter Gallery offers many creative filters for your photographs like comic book, watercolour and oil painting, to more traditional filters like blurs, distort and noise, to give your images a more creative look instantly.

Cut-out studio

Remove people and objects from your images in seconds with PhotoPlus’ cut-out studio. The studio allows you to simply paint using the ‘keep’ or ‘discard’ brush and using edge detection technology, will extract your selection precisely.

HDR studio

Merge two or more photos for amazing results using the HDR Merge facility in PhotoPlus x5. Simply select your photos of the same subject with different levels of exposure, and PhotoPlus will combine and align them automatically to produce a stunning HDR (high dynamic range) photo with dramatic colours and depth.

Raw Studio

Photographers shooting in Raw will be able to take advantage of the Raw Studio in PhotoPlus x5. When selecting your raw file, the studio will open automatically where you can alter exposure, white balance, noise and chromatic aberration before selecting 8 or 16 Bits per channel for your image.

Adjustment panel

Commonly used adjustments are grouped in the adjustment panel on the right of the user interface. When selected, these add an automatic layer to your image to ensure any alterations are non-destructive. You can also find the brush tip tab in this area which allows the user to choose from over a hundred creative brush styles.


The new version of PhotoPlus X5 is a vastly improved program for professionals and amateur photographers who want a powerful, user-friendly and relatively cheap program for organizing and editing the photos. The user interface of the program is greatly improved in order to use it more comfortably. Many improvements allow the user to organize his pictures more easily. With PhotoPlus you can create true digital art. All functions are organized so comfortably that you can achieve great results with just a few steps.

Reviewed by Malkhaz


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