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| August 25, 2012

Hello Everyone,

Now that we had a very successful unlimited giveaway of Process Lasso here at Tipradar, I want to share my review with you all.

Before I begin, a BIG thanks to Jeremy Collake (One-Man Army of Lasso) for sponsoring the giveaway for us, and also our dear member Mike for coordinating.

Process Lasso comes in three editions:

  1. Standard Edition – Comes as PRO (paid) and Free version
  2. Server Edition – Comes as PRO (paid) only
  3. Portable Edition – Comes as PRO (paid)

Process Lasso is not new to me. The first time I tried it was back in September-2010, when it was offered on giveawayoftheday.com. It was v3.84.7 then.

Since then I have been using it on my OS, be it XP or Windows-7.


Process Lasso is NOT a replacement for your default Windows Task Manager; rather it is a sophisticated and powerful Process Manager for your system.

It is designed to provide the following functionalities at a high-level:

  1. Process Priority and CPU Affinity Optimization
  2. Process Settings Automation
  3. Power Profile Automation
  4. Gaming / Multimedia mode auto-optimization
  5. Various Advanced features

Again it is NOT just a process priority optimizer. Rather, it is an automated Windows process management and optimization utility. The most sought feature is ProBalance (aka, Process Balance) which improves your PC’s responsiveness and stability preventing system stalls/hangs.

ProBalance algorithm intelligently and dynamically adjusts the priorities and/or CPU affinities of running programs (on need basis) so that no (bad) process/program alone has the liberty to use the entire CPU without sharing with other needy process/programs. This is accomplished by restraining (lowering the priority of bad processes) in high loads, to cater the resources to other needful process/programs.

Read my experience below to understand how it helps practically.

How I came to install/use Process Lasso –

I wanted to tell this as I believe many of us treat Process Lasso as just another Task Manager,

BUT IT’S NOT TRUE. Ok so it all started with me facing the excessive CPU usage for svchost.exe process on XP-sp2. I posted my problem on a forum I’m member at. I was suggested restarts, clean install, removal of recently installed programs, etc And Process Lasso, but I was not able to decide whether to install or not. The screenshots looked very complicated to be honest. After a month the problem turned worse and I went ahead & installed. Viola…my problem was solved. Now the svchost.exe would not eat on my CPU, freezing the system or forcing me to do a restart. svchost.exe used to hang my system on disabling/enabling wireless, but not anymore.

REVIEW: For Process Lasso v5.1.0.82 on Windows-7 Professional (with SP1) x64 OS

My current system is W7 PRO 64-bit, 4Gb RAM, Intel i5-2.53Ghz–Don’t be surprised as to why I still require Process Lasso with this config..lol. If you have more than 150 Mozilla tabs, or downloading a video using Vdownloader, or are working on a 100 page word document, or have 15 Chrome tabs open, and have a virtual XP OS running in VMware- You NEED Process Lasso.

The installation is pretty simple and it allows you to choose how Process Lasso should start up and instruct it to handle the processes of the current computer user/all users.

The interface of Lasso has remained the same since version 3. The real-time graph in the upper part of the interface gives a very quick visual health of your system with respect to: Processor Use, Responsiveness, Process Restraint and Memory Load.

This is useful not only on low end computers, but also in multi-core environment, when the load is high. You may argue what could Lasso do when one is already have a multicore processor such as Intel i5 or i9. For those having multicore the CPU affinity feature is very useful wherein users can limit programs to specific CPUs – keeping the others free for use by other processes. See below how I could assign/remove CPU affinity for a process:

The Core optimization technologiesinclude default priority classes, default CPU affinities, disallowed processes, keep running processes, per-process power schemes, a process watchdog, and process

instance count limits. Using these you will have better control on how the programs should utilize your computer’s resources effectively and leverage best utilization of multicore. For example, you could choose on what CPUs/cores a process should run, as well as what their CPU priority class and I/O priority class should be.

Another multicore (real/logical core) feature in Lasso is HyperThreaded Core Avoidance. This feature was made available only in Process Lasso v5, and helps you reap the benefits of HyperThreading feature of your processor.

Let us talk about another great feature which was refined in version 5- “Default Power Profiles / Power Profiles per process”. Microsoft have already provided some power schemes in Windows using which you could set a particular power profile for your system. But using Process Lasso you could do even better. Now it is feasible to switch back-and-forth between power profiles based on processes.

Yes, with Lasso when the specified processes are started, you can automatically switch to a particular power profile. When the process closes, Lasso would automatically revert back to the previous profile. Again all power profiles, even custom ones, are supported.

Additionally, the Energy Saver profile introduced with version 5.1 allows you to save electricity without compromising performance. Here, Lasso switches to a lower power profile when you are idle, thus saving power/electricity. Once active, the profile is switched back to the original profile.

You could access Energy Saver from Options>Power. It is disabled by default.

It might seem to you that Process Lasso is not designed for a novice user, but I would say that you install & then forget about it. Once installed, it never bothers you. It keeps working on its own, without requiring any input(s) from you. DO NOT get frightened with the list of options provided in the menu. Truly speaking, I never changed the default settings ever.

My experience with Lasso has been great, and since 2010 I have been recommending Process Lasso to one & all.

The Good:

1. Small setup file and quick installation

2. Install & FORGET about it. It does not require anything. Works good with the default settings.

3. Could be installed for either only current user or All Users.

4. Nice GUI/interface

5. Very good support/response from Developer

6. Continuous improvements & availability of new versions.

7. Separate installer for 64-bit OS.

8. Works good on both 32 as well as 64-bit OS. Tried on 32-bit XP, 64-bit W7.

9. DOES NOT interferes with antivirus, security suites – whatever the case may be

10. Has PRObalance & Gaming modes – adjusts the CPU in case we are playing FULL screen games or one/more working applications require more CPU. All this without freezing!!

11. Updates are available from both the website (support section using your login/password) and from within the program GUI>Updates.

12. Fully utilizes my i5 processor due to CPU intensive applications/programs – using its ‘ProBalance’ technology. I was able to check this while monitoring the CPU usage from “All CPU Meter” Gadget on W7.

13. Has 2 tabs -one for all running processes & other for just currently active process.

14. Provides almost every information on the process such as: name, user, associated-application, file/path, priority, CPU usage, memory usage, status, CPU affinity and a lot more. You could choose to select what you want to view.

15. Available options for processes include: terminate, set priority/CPU, power scheme and others. I have used some of these and it always worked fine for me. If you are not aware please DO NOT mess up.

16. Ability to import/export the configurations for future/reuse.

17. It has 16 languages. So it’s Multi-lingual.

18. The offline help file which describes things in PLAIN ENGLISH.



1. Although it runs as HIGH Priority class, I noticed during scans, updates – the GUI would freeze for a good time becoming Non-Responsive. This may due to the fact that only the Core Engine (ProcessGovernor.exe) is set HIGH (Priority class), but the interface (ProcessLassor.exe) is set Normal (Priority class). Though both are excluded by default from ProBalance restraint.

2. Occasionally have problem clearing log file. Error: Sharing violation.

3. Sometimes it will take a lot of time to load after I restart/boot the system.

4. Settings may seem indifferent & highly complicated to a normal PC user.

5. Whether online or not, on checking for update it always says you have the latest version. I would expect to show up an error while checking for update if there is no Internet connection.

6. I changed the language from English to French, but canceled the restart pop-up to bring the language change into effect. So, it should not have changed the language. But I Noticed that the language was changed to French for Options->General settings->Reconfigure the way Process Lasso starts

7. It asks for a restart to bring the changes into effect even when there is no change made. Go:

Options->General settings->Reconfigure the way Process Lasso starts. Make no change here, and close the window using X. At prompt “Exit without applying changes?”, click Yes.

8. The display graph looks good as such. But if you click (or right-click) on the graph it changes to something I call ugly look.

I’m not sure if this is an intended way as to how it should look/work, because this was not present in an older version

9. The help provided within the program does not provide details on each and every feature/aspect/option.

10. The help/documentation would require access to internet to fetch information from the website. For example if you try to look for Hyper-Threaded core avoidance in the help file, it reaches to the Lasso website to get the information. In this particular case it fetched data from url: http://bitsum.com/pl_when_hyperthreading_hurts.php

I would assume that if help file is provided with an application, it should have everything listed available offline.

11. It was hazy for my eyes when I was going through the documentation/help available both within Lasso and online, as it did not have a consistent font size all over the document. As you could see below there is lot of variation in the fonts. This is something which requires being consistent per the usual industry standards.

12. The Actions Log tab has 4 options on right-click: Clear log, Jump to log file on disk, Search for process on internet and Exclude this process from ProBalance restraint.

When right-clicked on a log entry all these options hold good as shown below.


However, when right-clicked on empty space as shown below, these 4 options shouldn’t be listed, as there is no process selected.

As expected, trying to “Exclude this process from ProBalance restraint” throws up an error as shown below. In my view, in case of empty space right-click the options for “Search for process on internet” and “Exclude this process from ProBalance restraint” should be removed.

13. It is unclear if the standard version license would work for the portable version and vice-versa. I could not find any information on this part.

14. There is duplicate setting provided for “Configure no sleep processes”. Accessible from Options>Power and Options>Categorization. Both show the same setting window. I’m not sure what the purpose of this duplicity is.

15. The configuration password (accessible from Options>General Settings) accepts even empty (aka blank) password (without any error message) but does not sets the password. It also accepts Remove password when there is no password set.

In case, if you are one of those users who are still unconvinced and would really want to see a proof of what I have said above or what developer claims, please visit the link below for Proof of Concept (borrowed from the developer page). It takes just 2 minutes of test to realize the true potential of Process Lasso.


In addition, you may also want to be educated on few misconceptions by visiting the link below:

Last but not the least I would take this opportunity to thank Jeremy (sole Developer) for bringing us this great piece of code which works silently and does as promised.

PS: I have talked about only few features of Process Lasso. There are tons other available for you to explore.

Reviewed by Grr


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