[Contest] Protect My Folders

| September 29, 2013

Protect My Folders is an innovative data security software which allows you to password protect any folders and files on your local computer. Make your important folders and files inaccessible, invisible or protect them from modification or deletion by unauthorized users. It’s an ideal tool for you to lock / hide your private information from prying eyes.

Key Features & Benefits

Simple and intuitive graphic interface.
Block unauthorized access to your files, folders and programs you choose.
Lock your folders and files so they can’t be accessed, moved, renamed, copied, modified or deleted.
Hide you data from being viewed by prying eyes.
Protect sensitive data from being stolen by viruses and hackers.
Protected folders or files can’t be accessed from network computers.
Allow you to set accessibility rights for the protected folders or files according to your needs.
No one can run or uninstall Protect My Folders program without your password.
FREE technical support.
FREE update.

Protect My Folders

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