[Contest] PutDrive 300GB accounts [Forum Exclusive]

| March 28, 2013

PutDrive is a great way to download anonymous and quickly. PutDrive gives you an easy to use online interface with a trial for 100GB of OziBox which works well with PutDrive. You can also integrate any other cloud drives to store your info from Dropbox, Google Drive, SkyDrive, RapidShare, Box, SugarSync, and Amazon S3. The download speeds are quick and uploading to cloud is also quick.



PutDrive interface is an all online interface which works with most or all browsers I tested. The main Dashboard gives your account details on the right and ways to sync with your PC, on the middle you are able to select the cloud storage you want to save to and put links or magnets or upload a .torrent file from the PC. The left side gives you access to the Dashboard, transfers, download files, and drives and bottom left is where you see your service status, traffic history, etc.

PutDrive downloads speeds are fast as they say with real fast download speeds. A test was done on a 1.2 GB file downloading in less than 15 minutes which would have taken at least 40 to 60 minutes to download elsewhere. Plus if you download the files to your computer, the download speeds are quick too which there’s no speed loss and you can also have it in your computer within minutes of the download. PutDrive makes it easy to download as you don’t really have to be online for it to download as it does it in the cloud. So you can start download from one location and come home or to location you were going and be ready in your cloud drive. The downloads are done from over 85 different file hosters and the Downloading Wiz does work as it is able to put the files on whatever drive you have integrated to PutDrive.


With the different file hosters and the way it downloads as it’s all done in the cloud, there is no need to worry about being anonymous and you can download “Torrents 100% Anonymous” which is one of the features PutDrive strives for as you don’t need to come across the trackers, peers, etc., you stay anonymous.


Thoughts and Conclusion

PutDrive is a great way to download movies, music, files, etc. to any of your cloud drives and fast. PutDrive is quick at downloading files which makes this a good tool to use. As this is done all in the cloud, you stay anonymous an no need to have computer on while it is downloading which comes in handy when you don’t have time to download it at location you are.



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