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| October 31, 2011

PerfectDisk 12 is one of the best ways to defragment your hard drive. It supports the following file systems : FAT 16, FAT 32, exFAT  and NTFS, and it can handle large volumes , reaching several terabytes. It provides defragmentation of the entire drive ( you can choose for  defragmenting more than one disc ) , as well some of the most fragmented files.

It is very useful if you want to optimize quickly , for example , mail database, video file, etc. This applies to all files including large files, system files and MTF. The latter you  can not only defragment but also rearrange after optimization. With the support of ‘Space Restoration Technology’ you can also defragment the free space of the disk by combining the free sectors in more big blocks.  For using this program it is enough minimum  1% of free space. Defragmentation of files and disk free areas are made in one pass ( not two passes, as it is in many other defragmentation software ) .

PerfectDisk 12 can defragment automatically or manually. In the first case, the utility runs defragmentation independently on a specified schedule or at time when there is no a computer activity- the latter can be achieved in two ways : through StealthPatrol or Screensaver mode. The utility automatically configures itself using this wizard, and it works in the background not known for the user. Manual defragmentation allows user to manage defragmentation by indicating the areas of defragmentation and the used method.

The program is presented in several editions. For home users may be of interest Home and Professional editions. The professional edition has all the features of the Home edition, but it includes additionally Space Explorer and Space Reports modules which providing analysis of disk space and tools deleting temporary and other unnecessary and duplicate files. Demo version is fully functional and works within 30 days. The cost depends on the commercial release version : Home-29,99$, Professional-39,99$.

The program has a lot of settings, but the intuitive interface makes it relatively easy to adapt to it. The program has main four  tabs. The tab ‘Defragmentation’ has tools for analyzing and defragmentation the drive system and user files. The tab ‘StealthPatrol’ provides opportunities to set up automatic defragmentation- through StealthPatrol or Screensaver modes. The tab ‘Scheduling’ gives you opportunity  to schedule your  defragmentation preferences. And, finally, the tab ‘S.M.A.R.T’ provides full information about your computer drives : its temperature, health and performance.

In order to start the analysis in PerfectDisk 12 you must open the tab ‘Defragmentation’, then highlight the drive and click on ‘Analyse’ or use the same command from the shortcut menu. According to the results of the analysis program will provide a lot of information. For example, after analysis, we can see not only a map of fragmentation, but also we will know the level of fragmentation of files, directories, free space, MFT, etc. We can identify the most fragmented files, their size, and get advice about defragmentation strategies in this particular case. Also you can get additional information about the number of files on the disk, the most fragmented and excluded files ( ie files to which access is denied ) .

In order to perform disk defragmentation manually, you must choose the tab ‘Defragmentation” , then allocate the disk ( or several disks ) , and click method of defragmentation on the button ‘Start’. There are two methods of defragmentation: Simplified defragmentation ( Defragment Only Pass ), Technology defragmentation ( SMARTPlacement ). In the simplified defragmentation, which requires a minimum of time , are defragmented only those files for which are found required free blocks , all other files are skipped. When you use ‘SMARTPlacement’ defragmentation, you can place files in accordance with their renovation activity, which helps to minimize their defragmentation in the future. To accelerate the defragmentation you can exclude several files by creating an exclusion list of files ( the command line ‘Drive Properties’ from the context menu, the tab “excluded files’ ). Also you can allow to delete temporary files before defragmentation. If it is necessary, you must click on the button “Selected Files’. In order to defragment system files to which access is blocked by the operating system you must click on the button ‘System Files’. And defragmentation will be done after a reboot.

Of course, there is a possibility of defragmentation without a user intervention, automatically. It is very easy. You may configure this option in the tab ‘AutoPilot Scheduling’ . The only thing you must do is just to specify the drive, select a defragmentation method and the frequency of this procedure.

PerfectDisk 12 at a glance :

1. Official certification from Microsoft

2. PerfectDisk Command Center- the most complete tool for managing, configuring and working in different conditions with hard drives

3. Support for storage of large volumes

4. SMARTPlacement technology – a patented method to optimize defragmentation strategies, reduces the total time and resources

5. Space Restoration Technology – technology for optimization of free space into as large blocks as possible

6. Built-in scheduler for automating practically all kinds of operations

7. Patent-pending Resource Savert – technology for speeding defragmentation

8. Smart ‘Screensaver’ mode

9. Files and free space defragmentation in one pass

10. Smart load on the processor

11. You need only 5% of free space for working

12. Individual files defragmentation

13. Perfect Management- tool for integrating with Active directory

14. Perfect- Time – tool for identifying restrictions for work and increasing automation

15. Ability to work from the command line with a similar graphical interface capabilities

16. Automatic update through the Internet

New in version 12 :

1. The new engine with increased performance and lower consumption of system resources

2. Improved mechanism for automatic operation and defragmentation before system boot

3. Updated scheduler and a new interface for management of auto service

4. Ability to assign to each drive its own defragmentation method schedule maintenance time

5. The new high-speed module called ‘Defrag only’ for the speedy  removal  of  fragments

6. Ability of selective defragment up to 100 files at a time

7. Updated reports with the new statistics and a list of the most fragmented files

8. Automatic detection and display of various types of drives ( internal, external, SSD, flash, virtual ) and selection of the appropriate method of optimization

9. Support for the self-diagnostic system called S.M.A.R.T : the ability to indicate the level of ‘health’ of drives, control of temperature

10. A number of improvements for working more effectively in a virtual machine

Review by Sir William of Palerne

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