[Contest] RAXCO PerfectUpdater [Forum Exclusive]

| October 10, 2012

Need software to keep your computer drivers updated, Raxco PerfectUpdater is the one to get. The scans for outdated drivers usually take around 3-10 minutes depending on computer and Raxco PerfectUpdater makes it easy to back up all of your drivers around the same time that it takes to scan for them.


Installation is quick, has welcome screen, licenses agreement and then installs Raxco PerfectUpdater. After it is finished the main interface is straightforward and great for those that just don’t know what to do to update a driver.


Raxco PerfectUpdater has a great interface that you’ll be able to easily use. The main home screen is where you’ll see your status and know how old some drivers are, start a scan or configure schedule. The driver scan is where it’ll scan for drivers and show you what drivers need updating but recommend checking them out with your computer manufacture site if they require as some might cause interference. The next tab is the backup where you’ll backup all your drivers plus you can also have the option for backing up specific drivers. Then you have the restore where if a driver didn’t need or worked better with the old version you can restore it back. The settings are the last tab which this you can configure what language, program control and start up. You can also select location where to save the drivers that it downloads and exclusion list of drivers. Last thing you can schedule when you want it to scan so you can leave it do what it needs.

The scans are quick usually up to 10 minutes depending on computer after scans you’ll see a list of out-of-date drivers that it has found which shows you the date it was installed, the availability of the new driver, if you want to learn more about the driver, and ignore if you don’t want to update the driver/s. You can update each driver separately or update all at the same time. Recommendation of doing a backup and a System Restore point before updating your drivers.

Thoughts and Conclusion

Raxco PerfectUpdater is great at finding out-of-date drivers that need updating. A beginner user can use this and not worry that much. It finds then quick and able to update them in ease. The only con is you have to be careful if you are using Raxco PerfectUpdater on a laptop. There was two test done one on a desktop and one on a laptop which it found close to similar out-of-date drivers which all where updated and desktop took the updates well and ran bit more efficient with new drivers. The laptop got problem which entering into safe mode and using the restore feature on Raxco PerfectUpdater to restore your drivers fixed and then you can just ignore the update that caused the problem. Another suggestion is to create a system restore point just in case but using the restore function on Raxco PerfectUpdater will restore if there’s a problem. Raxco PerfectUpdater updates what hasn’t been updated which some drivers will benefit from updating bringing an increase of performance to your system and running efficient. Great for those of you who don’t want to go to each company’s website to download your driver and can be done in one program.

Reviewed by lmanlo


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