[Contest] RAXCO RamDisk Plus [Forum Exclusive]

| November 14, 2012

Raxco RamDisk Plus is a utility to maximize the use use of ram on a PC by designating a area of RAM and turning it into a “hard drive,” this allows the PC to actually use this area to store data at an amazingly fast rate causing in return a noticeable speed increases in your system’s performance.

Once installed this Utility will automatically load into the system early enough in the boot process, as to useable in the rest of your system starting allowing almost instant access to the RamDrive. and after the initial install will boot silently on your PC till you tell it otherwise.

The interface to this program is relatively simple and direct, with a selection of just several buttons, you will not be overwhelmed by options like in any photo editing programs. The designated ram disk area labels what disk are active, disk size, drive letter (if given one), and several other option that are available at disk creation, clearly showing if the options you wanted are there.

Installation is a swift six panels, of self described instructions and a conformation page to assure you get what you want, then in no time at all it is finished, could not think of a simpler way to preform such a task then click-click done, literally seconds once your comfortable with it.

While working within the RAM drive you get several rather unique options, like clearing the drive on Shutdown, effectively giving you a hard drive with super fast access every time you boot your PC, you have the option of saving the info to the hard disk as well if it is important enough to save, or dumping the contents outright without a reboot required.

With the ability to make Images of the ram drive, you can rest assured that every time its loaded it will have the exact setup you want, and at the smallest possible size, The easy to view Image screen works well to keep separate disk setups at your fingertips, no guesswork required as naming the images is also an option.

The advantages to the use of this program are numerous, super fast drive access and information retrieval, lightning the workload of your actual hard drive by requiring less interaction, and the always present Instant repair that an imaged drive may offer, while the drawbacks seem few, as i only found saving on log out had actually increased the time it took to log off, and there seems to be a slight memory conflict with some high end graphic intense games (LOTRO) where a memory hole was created that cause the game to close (but only when the user’s temp files were transferred to ram drive ) Prematurely.

Reviewed by IAMCRS


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