[Contest] Remote Desktop Manager Enterprise!

| July 11, 2011

Here is another amazing contest  and a real gem!! Remote Desktop Manager is an application used to manage all your remote connections and virtual machines. Add, edit, delete, share, organize and find your remote connection quickly. Compatible with Microsoft Remote Desktop, Terminal Services, VNC, LogMeIn, Team Viewer, Ftp, SSH, Telnet, Dameware, X Window, VMware, Virtual PC, PC Anywhere, Hyper-V, Citrix, Radmin, Microsoft Remote Assistance, Oracle Virtual Box and more.

Enterprise Edition features:

  • Save your credentials and passwords in a database.
  • Share your remote connection settings inside a company database.
  • Monitor user activities with the database logs.
  • Faster and more secure solution.
  • Available in single license, multiple licenses pack, global license or site license.

Remote Desktop Manager integrate many tools and protocols like:

  • Microsoft Remote Desktop
  • Microsoft Remote Assistance
  • pcAnywhere
  • Team Viewer
  • Radmin
  • VNC
  • Dameware
  • X Window
  • HP RGS
  • Logmein
  • Citrix (ICA / HDX)

Even more solutions can be added as add-ons.

Features Highlight – Entreprise Edition

Automatic login

Remote Desktop Manager simplifies connection management by facilitating the automatic login of several types of sessions:

  • Remote Desktop (RDP)
  • Citrix (ICA / HDX)
  • LogMeIn
  • Web site (IE and embedded Firefox)
  • Putty
  • TeamViewer
  • Ftp
  • HP RGS
  • VNC
  • VPN
  • Dameware Mini Remote

It’s possible to save the credentials locally, in a the database or in an external application (LastPass, KeePass, …). These parameters may be limited or completely hidden from your employees to establish a secure login. They will be able to access the machine without compromising its security.

Share session settings between multiple users

Use of the Standard Edition is ideal when you do not need to share your sessions with your colleagues, but when it’s not the case, then the Enterprise Edition is better suited to your needs.

By using the SQL Server or Remote Desktop Manager Online data source, the application can operate efficiently and securely in a multi-user environment. With the user specific settings, each user can apply his own credentials if he want to override the default configuration.

There are also many other features, such as audit trail sessions and network management that are necessary for efficient helpdesk or internal IT team.

Advanced data source support

In addition of Xml and Microsoft Access data source included in the Standard edition, the Enterprise edition offers better alternative data sources like:

* Amazon S3 hosting
* Dropbox
* Remote Desktop Manager Online
* SQL Server
* Web

The SQL Server data source includes many advanced feature like the user management, support for attachments, connection log table and offline mode. It’s also well suited for a multi-user environment requiring a secure and reliable database.

Integrated password managers

Many people already have their username and password stored in another tool. Some of them prefer to keep their original tools and use them in synergy with Remote Desktop Manager.

By integrating many different password manager, Remote Desktop Manager provides more flexibility and security options for automatic login. The list of supported application is:

* 1Password
* FireFox and Chrome built-in password manager
* KeePass
* LastPass
* Windows Credential Manager

Security Management

The SQL Server data source includes an easy interface to manage user security rights.

By creating and using build-in user or domain users, Remote Desktop Manager can partially or completely restrict access to a specific session or a subset assigned to a security group.

It’s also possible to setup the database encryption with a specific pass-phrase to provide a greater protection of personal information. By applying the included security policy regarding the password management, Remote Desktop Manager ensure that the access to the sensitive data is limited and secure.

Session Script Tools

The functionality of Remote Desktop Manager go beyond simply managing remote connections. By integrating management tools, you can run specific commands, actions or scripts to one or more workstations.

* Command line
* PSExec (PSTools)
* more to come

By configuring a template tool, you can use it on the fly to initiate a remote session with a merge of parameters from the template and the original configuration.

A dialog is also available to import any interesting script shared among the community. The manager can also install them with one click.

Database connection log

The SQL Server data source keeps track of every action performed on a session directly into a centralized database. This included a change, deletion or opening / closing of a session.

Using the tools available, the administrator can monitor, verify and even analyze the time spent by its employees for a specific client or on a particular machine. This is very useful to generate a timesheet which will serve for billing.

Real-time view of user connections

Knowing who is connected to a resource can be critical and we know it. Remote Desktop Manager provides this functionality for several types of sessions (RDP, Team Viewer, embedded Putty …). This information is available directly in the dashboard.

It is also possible to verify if a user is already connected to a computer and show a warning just before connecting.

Import sessions from other applications

If you already use another remote connection management tool, Remote Desktop Manager allows you to easily import sessions. The application tries to keep the maximum of data including the password if it’s possible to extract it from the original configuration. There are many applications supported by default and by installing one of our free import add-on.

Here is a list of supported applications:

* Boztech VNCScan
* Filezilla (add-on)
* Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection Manager
* mRemote
* Terminals
* VisionApp Remote Desktop
* WinSCP (add-on)

Template creation

Remote Desktop Manager provides a local and shared template engine. A template contains a subset of information that will be reused in the application to simplify management.

By creating a template, you can use it to:

* Add a Quick Connect connection type in the list
* Add new session in the data source with preset settings
* Import multiple sessions (from the wizard or a list) with default session type values


Many of our customers use the data source as centralized data store to organize all the information about their customers or their machines. With the attachment functionality, they can include many different types of external files such as:

* Network diagram
* Agreements
* Support incident
* And more

The files are linked per session and they share the same security access.

Offline Mode

The offline mode allows you to access the database in read-only, even when you’re not connected to the office.

You do not need a VPN connection, Remote Desktop Manager handles it for you when it detects a connection failure. This feature is very useful for people on the road or working from home.

Batch edit

Over time, the contents of the data source is increasing rapidly and then comes a time where multiple session changes are required.

Using the batch editing feature, these changes can be made in few seconds. Remote Desktop Manager will prompt a dialog to change multiple settings simultaneously.

It is faster than editing them one at a time in addition to avoiding the inconsistency between them.

In cooperation with Devolutions (sponsor of this giveaway), we can offer 5 licenses of  Remote Desktop Manager Enterprise worth $34.99 each! (see the comparison chart).

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